10 Best Sushi Restaurants in Augusta, GA (2023)

Best Sushi in Augusta GA

Sushi options in the Augusta area have continued to expand and improve over the past twenty years I’ve lived here. You’ll find all you can eat sushi buffets in Augusta, along with the some daily deals at downtown Augusta restaurants. Here are the 10 best sushi restaurants in Augusta, Georgia to visit!

Key Takeaway:

Quick Table of Augusta Sushi

Solé Augusta’s Downtown King of Sushi Specials https://www.soleaugusta.com/weekly-specials– Mon. & Wed = half off on most rollsMenu on Sole’s Site
Tako-Sushi Best spot for Southwest and Japanese fusion, along with high quality sushi rollsMenu on Tako Sushi’s Site
Kinki SushiGood rolls and better hibachi Menu on Kinki Sushi’s Site
Izumi Japanese BuffetOnly all you can eat sushi buffet in Augusta that I’m aware ofMenu on Izumi’s Site
Koi Japanese Hibachi & SushiEarly bird specials, as well as filet mignon, salmon, and lobster tail selectionsMenu on Koi Japanese Hibachi & Sushi Site
Miyako Sushi & Hibachi Steakhouse of AugustaClose sushi restaurant to the Augusta National / Masters Tournament and great bento boxMenu on Miyako Sushi & Hibachi Steakhouse Site
Saba Japanese CuisineGreat sushi bar selections and the North Augusta pickMenu on Saba’s Website
Kinja Sushi ExpressHuge offering of sushi rolls and Korean food as wellMenu on Kinja Sushi’s Website
HokkaidoPick for Evans / Columbia County. 50+ sushi options. Bonus: Thai cuisine served as wellMenu on Hokkaido’s Website
Grocery Store Pick: PublixWhen you don’t want to go to a restaurant, try Publix for most anything, including sushi rollsSearch Here

List of Best Sushi Restaurants in Augusta, GA

Sushi Restaurant

The combination of sticky rice and nori (edible seaweed wrap), along with the varieties of vegetables and seafood, is a true delight. From the California Roll to shrimp tempura, this staple of Japanese is, like most food, best shared with family and friends.

Let’s look at the sushi of Augusta, GA below.

1. Solé 

King of Sushi Specials in Downtown Augusta.

Located off Broad Street between 10th and 11th, Solé  is a local favorite for good reason. In addition to the excellent sushi offerings, Sole restaurant has covered outdoor seating in the heart of downtown. After exploring some of the best sites in downtown Augusta, drop in to Sole.

Why This One: Sole’s sushi rolls are half-off two days out of the week. Exclusively for dine-in customers on Monday and Wednesday. To be more precise, if you go on Monday Sole offers sixteen types of sushi rolls for $5.50 each. And on Wednesdays, they offer the BOGO for those same sixteen rolls.

Because sushi places tend to be pricier than other dining options, along with smaller portion sizes, I’m usually hesitant. However, Sole‘s specials address this and keep me coming back.

Location Here

Menu Here

Pro Tip: Get there right at 5:00 PM if you plan to go Monday or Wednesday. Also, the seaweed salad. Get that too.

2. Tako-Sushi Restaurant

Japanese and Southwest Fusion (Augusta and Evans).

Tako-Sushi has expanded in recent years to two locations – one in Surrey Center and the other off Belair Rd. in Evans, GA. Tako-Sushi offers 30+ varieties of Makimono Rolls, along with a popular Bento Box.

Why This One: Convenience if you are in Columbia County. Additionally, the variety of rolls and price point is good, not to mention the southwestern fusion options.

Location Here and Here in Evans

Menu Here

Pro-Tip: Try the Tempura Asparagus. I was skeptical at first, but that was until I actually tried the fried asparagus with the TakoSushi sauce. Also, they have an excellent burger that stars a chipotle lime ketchup.

I’ve often gotten this Tako Burger for lunch plenty. If you are interested in other Augusta lunch recommendations, check out this other article on our site.

3. Kinki Sushi

At the corner of Washington and Pleasant Home Rd. is a great Japanese restaurant, which is somewhat off the beaten path. This spot is one of my favorites and has been for years.

Why This One: In addition to 50+ sushi roll options, Kinki Sushi has the best hibachi and teriyaki in the greater Augusta area. The portions are generous, and the quality is superb.

Location Here

Menu Here

Pro Tip: Call ahead, as their hours have not always matched what is listed on the website. Also, make sure to get extra yum-yum and teriyaki sauces.

Always get extra sauce
“Get the extra sauces. Always.”

4. Izumi Japanese Buffet

Why This One: The buffet. To my knowledge, there are not any other all-you-can-eat sushi buffets in the area. For around $20 you get an all you can eat buffet that includes sushi. It’s a fair deal for the type of sushi Izumi Japanese Buffet provides.

Location Here

Menu Here

Pro Tip: Although they offer a hot bar selection for the buffet, I recommend checking out these Chinese restaurants in Augusta.

5. Koi Japanese Hibachi & Sushi

Why This One: They offer lunch and early bird specials, which range from $12 – $16. Also, their dinner menu includes entrees like filet mignon, salmon, and lobster tail.

Location Here

Menu Here

Pro Tip: For sushi in the area, Koi Japanese Hibachi & Sushi runs on the higher end for prices. Check out their website for more information, as it looks recently revamped.

6. Miyako Sushi & Hibachi Steakhouse of Augusta

Why This One: A huge menu and proximity to Kroger before or after grocery shopping. Also, they offer lunch and early bird specials,

Location Here

Menu Here

Pro Tip: Lunch Bento Box = success. And like the listing above, Miyako‘s prices run on the higher end for the area.

7. Sabi Japanese Cuisine

The North Augusta choice. Maybe after checking out one of Augusta’s breweries, cross the Savannah River and check out North Augusta.

Sabi Japanese is located in North Augusta, SC. RIght there in the Publix shopping center.

Why This One: Sabi‘s online order is easy to navigate on their new website. They have five options of fried rolls and ten options of Panang or Japanese Curry.

Location Here

Menu Here

Pro Tip: Chef’s Special – Ma Po Tofu. If you like tofu and ground pork that is.

8. Kinja Sushi Express

Woman Eating sushi at a restaurant with chopsticks

Kinja Sushi Express is tucked away behind Taqueria el Patron and not far from Bowlero either.

Why This One: Kinja Sushi Express has one of the largest sushi offerings. Moderately priced and also serves Korean Dishes.

Location Here

Menu Here

Pro Tip: The places in Augusta Business Center are only accessible via Shartom Drive, even though it may appear it connects to the bowling alley or other parking lots.

9. Hokkaido

Hokkaido is up in Columbia County and has 50+ sushi options. You can also find lunch specials and Thai cuisine at Hokkaido of Evans!

Location Here

Menu Here

10: Grocery Store Sushi: Publix

Sometimes you want the convenience of grocery store sushi and that’s 100% okay. Publix provides reliably good and fresh sushi for those days when you may want a Spicy Tuna Roll without having to go out to eat.

Plenty of options at good prices can be found at Publix‘s website here.

Or Try Making Sushi at Home (It’s Fun)

And there is the option of making your own sushi. If you like hosting dinners, it’s an interactive way to include friends in the meal prep process. I had never thought of making my own sushi until our friends surprised us with a “Make Your Own Sushi” dinner and board game night. (Augusta also has some great Friendly Local Gaming Stores)

Nothing can rival those memorable times, so here are some resources to help get you started.


  1. Rice: Only use short grain rice. Not jasmine, basmati, etc. It will say sushi rice typically on the packaging. Using sushi rice ensures it holds together properly. You can find it at most grocery stores, though I recommend Cho Ba Mien or Jinlong Oriental Market (in front of Bobby Jones Walmart – have to use entrance in back parking lot).
  2. Fish: If you are hesitant about using raw, sushi-grade fish (I was too), use cooked fish. Or no fish at all. But if you do use raw fish, make sure you ask your fishmonger what cuts they deem safe for raw consumption. Safety first.
  3. Veggies: Fresh as you can get them.
  4. You can find a basic sushi making kit here on Amazon for about $11. Or you can just pick up a bamboo rolling mat elsewhere. They should only cost a few bucks.
  5. Make sure your knife is sharpened for the fish and veggie cutting. You don’t need to buy an expensive Japanese steel blade, but using a dull kitchen knife is no good. Learn how to use a sharpening whetstone. You can get a good one on Amazon for under $40 that will last ages.

More Sushi Info:

  1. A good podcast listen from The Splendid Table on the story of sushi.
  2. The book discussed can be found here on Amazon – The Story of Sushi: An Unlikely Saga of Raw Fish and Rice by Trevor Corson.

Conclusion to Best Sushi Augusta, GA

From all you can eat sushi to Southwest-Japanese fusion, there are a lot of great sushi restaurants in Augusta, GA for you to explore. True, Atlanta may have more sushi options, but Augusta has some amazing sushi as well!

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