7 Sunny South Carolina Beaches Near Georgia (2023)

Morris Island Lighthouse Charleston South Carolina

If you live in Georgia, you should take the time to drive a few minutes or hours to visit the Palmetto State. As neighboring states, Georgia and South Carolina share some amazing beaches that stretch almost 300 miles along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Here are my picks for the best South Carolina beaches near Georgia for a quick day trip or weekend getaway.

Key Takeaway: Beaches in the SC Lowcountry (ex. Hilton Head Island, Edisto Beach, and Charleston area) are generally much closer drives from Georgia than the beaches of the PeeDee region (ex. Myrtle Beach, Pawley’s Island). All have something to unique to offer though.

The Closest South Carolina Beach to Georgia

Hilton Head
Harbour Lighthouse at Hilton Head Island, SC

1. Hilton Head Island Beach, SC

Hilton Head Island is the closest South Carolina beach to Georgia at only 28 miles from the Georgia-South Carolina border, which is only about a 40-minute drive. Whether you’re coming from Savannah, Augusta, Atlanta, Macon, or Columbus, Hilton Head Island is the closest SC beach.

Located in the South Carolina Lowcountry, Hilton Head Island (“HHI”) is one of the most popular beachfront areas in the southeastern United States.

Why Visit Hilton Head from Georgia: Besides being the closest SC beach to GA, Hilton Head offers a lot of variety and plenty of ocean access for the public. You’ll find 8 public beach access points – from the more secluded Alder Lane to Coligny Beach Park with all of its shops and restaurants.

In addition to the pristine beaches, Hilton Head has something for the whole family. It’s known for its great shopping, golf courses, and dining experiences. Here are a host of activities and places to explore while at Hilton Head Island. Over the years, I’ve explored many of these, but there’s so much to do.

Distances and Drive Times:

  • Savannah: 48 minutes / 33 miles
  • Augusta: 2.5 hours / 136 miles
  • Macon: 3 hours / 198 miles
  • Atlanta: 4.5 hours / 278 miles
  • Columbus: 5 hours / 278 miles

Visitors’ Website for Hilton Head

Lowcountry South Carolina Beaches Near Georgia

Other Lowcountry beaches include everything from Hilton Head Island up through the greater Charleston area. Generally, the Lowcountry beaches will be a shorter drive from Georgia’s major cities than the SC beaches in the northeast corner (PeeDee Region).

2. Edisto Beach, SC

Edisto Beach is another South Carolina beach that is very close to Georgia. It’s just a bit further up the coastline, and is right between Hilton Head and the Charleston area.

Why Visit Edisto Beach from Georgia: Edisto Beach is perfect when you want a quieter beach and vacation experience. This SC island is not as developed as many of the other South Carolina beaches and is an excellent choice when you want a bit more solitude and down time.

Beach Access: The Town of Edisto Beach provides 37 public access points to the beach along Palmetto Boulevard.

Additionally, there is a 1,255-acre state park that borders the town and provides both camping and hiking trails. There are amazing views of the marsh and Southern Lowcountry here to check out (like the live oaks pictured above)!

Distances and Drive Times:

  • Savannah: 2 hours / 109 miles
  • Augusta: 2.5 hours / 145 miles
  • Macon: 4 hours / 264 miles
  • Atlanta: 5.1 hours / 295 miles
  • Columbus: 5.5 hours / 345miles

Visitors’ Website for Edisto Beach

3. Folly Beach, SC (Charleston-Area)

Why Folly Beach from Georgia: Great beaches and historic city of Charleston.

Folly Beach is located in the Charleston, SC area. It’s generally a laid-back beach that has some of the most popular surf spots on the east coast.

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Folly River, visitors can enjoy an array of beach activities from surfing, kayaking, and boating.

For those kayaking adventures, if you want to bring your own, here are some top picks worth checking out:

Additionally, there are plenty of fun shops in downtown Folly to explore, as well as some amazing local restaurants to eat at! After a long day at the beach, you could walk over to Chico Feo for some fusion tacos and a cold drink, while enjoying live music on the patio.

Distances and Drive Times:

  • Savannah: 2 hours / 113 miles
  • Augusta: 3 hours / 170 miles
  • Macon: 4.5 hours / 272 miles
  • Atlanta: 5.1 hours / 308 miles
  • Columbus: 6 hours / 355 miles

4. Isle of Palms, SC (Charleston-Area)

Why Isle of Palms from Georgia: Beach access points, golf, shopping, and Charleston area.

The Isle of Palms offers 50 beach access paths to visitors and is 18 miles from downtown Charleston. On the island, the Wild Dunes Resort has a golf course that can be played by the public and a beautiful pier that is fun to walk and relax at.

Attractions and entertainment at the Isle of Palms include:

  • Shopping at boutiques and eclectic shops
  • Kayaking and canoeing
  • Boat tours and eco-tours
  • Golf at the Wild Dunes golf course

You can find additional shopping, entertainment, and dining in nearby Mt. Pleasant and the downtown Charleston area as well!

Distances and Drive Times: Similar to above distances and times for Folly Beach.

Visitors’ Website for Isle of Palms

5. Seabrook Island, SC

Woman with dog on SC Beach

Why Seabrook Island from GA: Charleston area, but more secluded and off the beaten path.

Seabrook Island is 25 miles from Charleston which is about a 40-minute drive away.

Seabrook Island is a private oceanfront community with miles of pristine beaches, marshes, and a maritime forest. It offers a more quiet and secluded beach experience.

This island truly has it all when it comes to amenities. Check out all Seabrook Island has to offer, such as:

  • Two world-class golf courses
  • Equestrian center
  • Wellness center
  • Shopping village
  • Award-winning dining
  • Marina

There are plenty of vacation rentals on Seabrook Island, so you can still visit and stay here even if you are not a residential member.

Distances and Drive Times:

  • Savannah: 2.1 hours / 119 miles
  • Augusta: 3.1 hours / 156 miles
  • Macon: 4.5 hours / 274 miles
  • Atlanta: 5.5 hours / 305 miles
  • Columbus: 6 hours / 355 miles

Seabrook Island Website

PeeDee Region South Carolina Beaches Near Georgia

Traveling up the South Carolina coastline past Charleston, you’ll enter the PeeDee Region of South Carolina. Depending on how you define it, the region includes 6 to 12 counties in SC’s northeast corner. The coastal counties are Georgetown and Horry and have some great beaches.

6. Pawleys Island, SC

Why Pawleys Island from Georgia: Pawleys Island has a long history and is nicknamed “the original beach vacation.” It is a quieter beach, similar to Edisto Island. There are some great local shops and restaurants here that are worth exploring after a day at the beach!

When taking a break from relaxing at the pristine beaches, you can try:

  • crabbing
  • fishing
  • kayaking
  • golfing (9 courses to choose from)

Distances and Drive Times:

  • Savannah: 2.5 hours / 185 miles
  • Augusta: 4 hours / 221 miles
  • Macon: 5.7 hours / 345 miles
  • Atlanta: 6 hours / 360 miles
  • Columbus: 7.3 hours / 461 miles

7. Myrtle Beach, SC

Oceanfront view of Myrtle Beach SC

Myrtle Beach is the furthest SC beach from Georgia. But if you make the trip, you’ll discover why Myrtle Beach is South Carolina’s most popular beach town.

Myrtle Beach is great for families with younger children since there are so many family-friendly attractions here.

There are three main beaches:

  1. Myrtle
  2. North Myrtle
  3. Surfside

This spot is full of ocean activities like jet ski rentals, banana boat trips, and parasailing. Other popular activities include:

But one of my favorite ways to spend the time on the beach is playing bacci ball with family and friends. It’s an inexpensive game to play on the beach and you can find sets for cheap.

Distances and Drive Times:

  • Savannah: 4 hours / 226 miles
  • Augusta: 4 hours / 225 miles
  • Macon: 6 hours / 345 miles
  • Atlanta: 6 hours / 362 miles
  • Columbus: 7.5 hours / 465 miles

Visitors Website for Myrtle Beach

Conclusion to South Carolina Beaches Nearest Georgia

Whether you’re based in Atlanta or Macon, there are plenty of South Carolina beaches that make an excellent day trip or weekend getaway.


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