15 Amazing Sunny Beaches Near Savannah, GA (2023)

Savannah Georgia Beaches

Savannah, GA is a charming, historic city filled with friendly locals and Southern charm. It has quickly grown to become one of the top vacation destinations in the South!

The city is home to delicious cuisine, entertainment, historic sites, and more, making it a beloved spot for locals and tourists alike. And, when it’s time for a beach vacation, there’s no shortage of places near Savannah, GA!

Here are the 15 best beaches near Savannah, GA, that together average a 2-hour and 30-minute drive. I’ll take a look below at each of the closest beaches to Savannah in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.

Georgia Beaches Closest to Savannah, GA

Of course, there are beaches in Georgia that are a short drive from Savannah. In Georgia, you’ll find Tybee Island, Jekyll Island, Sea Island, Little St. Simon’s Island and St. Simon’s Island.

1. Tybee Island, GA

Tybee Light Station

Tybee Island is 17.5 miles or a 26-minute drive from Savannah. This is the closest beach to the city of Savannah.

About Tybee Island: Tybee Island is known as “Savannah’s Beach” because it is such a short drive from historic Savannah’s downtown. The beach is well known for its iconic Tybee Island lighthouse and long pier.

The short distance to Savannah is a big draw for visiting Tybee Island, as you can explore great restaurants or the arts in a historic downtown after spending the day at the beach.

Reasons to Visit: There’s plenty of fun to be had for the whole family in Tybee Island and downtown Savannah, including things like:

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 26 minutes

Distance from Savannah, GA: 17.5 miles

Visitors’ Website for Tybee Island

2. Jekyll Island, GA (Golden Isles)

Jekyll Island Beach

Jekyll Island is 93 miles, or an hour and a half drive from Savannah.

About Jekyll Island: Jekyll Island is off the coast of Georgia and makes for a tranquil beach getaway. It’s a 5,500-acre island with 10 miles of shoreline. Jekyll Island is one of the Golden Isles of Georgia barrier islands.

Reasons to Visit: Boundless discovery awaits at Jekyll Island. You’ll find activities like biking, tennis, golf, the Georgia sea turtle center, and the Summer Waves Water Park. There’s even an 18-acre campground on Jekyll Island for those who are a little more adventurous!

If you love camping, check out 11 of the best RV parks and campgrounds near Savannah, GA.

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 1.5 hours

Distance from Savannah, GA: 93 miles

Visitors’ Website for Jekyll Island

3. Sea Island, GA (Golden Isles)

Sea Island Georgia Beach sand dunes and grass

Sea Island is 87 miles, or an hour and a half drive from Savannah.

About Sea Island: Sea Island is a luxury five-star resort town on Georgia’s coast. It has five miles of private beach and fifty acres of marshes, rivers and seaside views. This is a great getaway spot for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the Georgia coast and have all the extravagant amenities.

Reasons to Visit:  A stay at this resort will give you access to amenities like:

  • A championship golf course
  • Sailing, kayaking, and fishing
  • Five-star eats
  • Boutique shopping

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 1.5 hours

Distance from Savannah, GA: 87 miles

Visitors’ Website for Sea Island

4. Little St. Simons Island, GA (Golden Isles)

Pink and purple sunset on a Georgia beach

Little St. Simons Island is 93 miles or a 2-hour drive From Savannah.

About Little St Simons: This is one of the smaller islands that makes up Georgia’s Golden Isles. This is a privately owned 11,000-acre beach resort. This island is a great place for nature lovers! Wildlife is abundant because of the conservation efforts that support an uninhabited nature preserve on the island.

Reasons to Visit: This is the perfect place for family reunions or group gatherings. You can enjoy activities like:

  • Guided nature walk tours
  • Fishing or birding
  • Bicycling
  • And more!

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 2 hours

Distance from Savannah, GA: 93 miles

Visitors’ Website for Little St Simons

5. St. Simons Island, GA (Golden Isles)

Blue Heron bird at St Simons Island

St. Simons Island is 83 miles or a 1-hour and 42-minute drive from Savannah.

About St. Simons Island: St. Simons Island is the largest of four barrier islands situated between Savannah, GA, and Jacksonville, FL. There are four different beaches on St. Simons: Gould’s Inlet, East Beach, Massengale Park, and Coast Guard Station Beach.

Reasons to Visit: With lots of natural beauty, a charming downtown, and miles of beautiful beaches, St. Simons is well worth the trip. Linked is a more detailed guide on the 4 most popular beaches at St. Simons Island.

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 1 hour and 42 minutes

Distance from Savannah, GA: 83 miles

Visitors’ Website for St. Simons & The Golden Isles

South Carolina Beaches Closest to Savannah, GA

There are many beautiful beaches in South Carolina which are a short drive from Savannah! Some of the closest SC beaches to Savannah, GA are Hilton Head, Folly Beach, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, and Myrtle Beach.

6. Hilton Head Island

Lighthouse at Hilton Head

The closest South Carolina beach to Savannah, GA is Hilton Head Island at 33 miles, which is a 48-minute drive. It’s a great spot for a day trip!

About Hilton Head: You’ll find 8 points of access to public beach property at Hilton Head. From the more secluded Alder Lane to Coligny Beach Park’s shops and restaurants, Hilton Head offers a lot of variety and plenty of ocean access for the public.

Reasons to Visit: In addition to the pristine beaches, Hilton Head has something for the whole family. It’s known for its great shopping and golf courses. And something a little different, you could take a camper to one of Hilton Head’s best RV parks.

For the Trip: Don’t forget to bring plenty of sunscreen and a sturdy beach umbrella like this one that’s wind-resistant up to 34 miles per hour. 

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 48 minutes

Distance from Savannah, GA: 33 miles

Visitors’ Website for Hilton Head

7. Folly Beach

Surfboards at Folly Beach

Folly Beach, SC is 113 miles from Savannah, GA, which is a 2-hour drive.

About Folly Beach: This beach is located on Folly Island and is a laid-back spot that offers one of the most popular surf spots on the east coast. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Folly River, visitors can enjoy an array of beach activities from surfing, kayaking, and boating.

Reasons to Visit: Folly is a popular spot for surfing on the East Coast and an ideal place for watersport lovers. There are plenty of eclectic shops in downtown Folly to explore as well. Plus, some amazing local food options!

If you’re a beginner to surfing, check out this affordable top foam surfboard on Amazon.

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 2 hours

Distance from Savannah, GA: 113 miles

Visitors’ Website for Folly Beach

8. Sullivans Island

sign at Sullivan's Island forest

Sullivans Island is 114 miles or a 2-hour drive from Savannah.

About Sullivans Island: Sullivan’s has a small and relaxed beach town feel. It’s best known for its miles of pristine beaches, restaurants, and community events.

Reasons to Visit: Although the island is only 3.3 miles long, there’s plenty of fun and recreation here. Sullivan’s is the perfect spot for lovers of water sports. From kayaking to sailing, kiteboarding, and fishing, there is something for everyone.

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 2 hours

Distance from Savannah, GA: 114 miles

Visitors’ Website for Sullivans Island

9. Isle of Palms

Pier at Isle of Palms SC

Isle of Palms is 129 miles, or a 2-hour and 25-minute drive from Savannah.

About Isle of Palms: The Isle of Palms offers 50 beach access paths to visitors and is a short distance from the historic district of Charleston. On the island, the Wild Dunes Resort has a golf course that can be played by the public and a beautiful pier that is fun to walk and relax at.

Reasons to Visit: Attractions and entertainment at the Isle of Palms include:

  • Shopping at boutiques and eclectic shops
  • Kayaking and canoeing
  • Boat tours and eco-tours
  • Golf at the Wild Dunes golf course

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 2 hours and 25 minutes

Distance from Savannah GA: 129 miles

Visitors’ Website for Isle of Palms

10. Myrtle Beach

View of Myrtle Beach Coastline

Myrtle beach is the farthest SC beach from Savannah at 226 miles or a 3-hour and 48-minute drive.

About Myrtle Beach: This is one of the most popular beach towns in the country and is worth visiting if you like lots of activities! It’s the perfect place for a family vacation. It’s made up of Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle, and Surfside Beach.

Reasons to Visit Myrtle Beach: There’s no shortage of family-friendly entertainment and fun attractions in Myrtle Beach. Check out the top 10 attractions in this blog post!

Other popular activities include:

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 3 hours and 48 minutes

Distance from Savannah, GA: 226 miles

Visitors Website for Myrtle Beach

Florida Beaches Closest to Savannah, GA

Florida is a top beach destination in the Southeast with great spots on the gulf shores and along the Atlantic Ocean. The Florida beaches closest to Savannah, GA are Amelia Island, Panama City Beach, Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine, and Destin, FL.

11. Amelia Island

Golf Course on Amelia Island

Amelia Island is 127 miles away from Savannah, which is a 2-hour drive.

About Amelia Island: This charming island is in Northeast Florida and has 13 miles of sandy shores. It’s a tranquil escape surrounded by natural beauty and full of Southern hospitality. In addition to its miles of beaches, Amelia Island has a charming downtown district.

Reasons to Visit: This laid-back seaside village has plenty of reasons to visit. Here are some of the ways to spend time on Amelia Island:

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 2 hours

Distance from Savannah, GA: 127 miles

Visitors Website for Amelia Island

12. Panama City Beach

Aerial Shot of Panama City Coastline's emerald waters and white beaches

Panama City Beach is 408 miles away from Savannah which is about a 6.5-hour drive.

About Panama City Beach: Panama City Beach has 27 miles of white sandy beaches and beautiful turquoise waters. It sits in the panhandle of Florida, with water coming in from the Gulf of Mexico.

Reasons to Visit: You can make a trip to Panama City Beach whatever you want it to be. It has something for everyone, from families to adventure lovers. Here are some of the ways you can enjoy a trip to PCB:

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 6.5 hours

Distance from Savannah, GA: 408 miles

Visitors’ Website for Panama City Beach

13. Jacksonville Beach

People under umbrellas on beach

Jacksonville, FL is 139 miles from Savannah, which is a 2-hour drive.

About Jacksonville: Jacksonville Beach, FL is one of Florida’s Northern beaches, about 17 miles outside of Downtown Jacksonville. You’ll find both relaxing and adventurous activities here, which makes this an ideal spot for a family-friendly beach vacation.

Reasons to Visit: There’s plenty of oceanfront entertainment at Jacksonville Beach. The large, 1,300-foot boardwalk pier is a nice fishing spot, and there are many beachside shops and restaurants. It’s also a short drive to the Downtown area if you’re looking for nightlife activities.

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 2 hours

Distance from Savannah, GA: 139 miles

Visitor’s Website for Jacksonville Beach

14. St. Augustine

Dowtown St. Augustine narrow streets

St. Augustine is 180 miles and just under 3 hours from Savannah, GA.

About St. Augustine: St. Augustine is a historic beach city on the Atlantic coast of Florida. There are many historic landmarks, gorgeous beaches and nice golf courses here.

Reasons to Visit: St. Augustine is known for its old-world charm and amazing arts and culture scene. This beach is perfect for a romantic getaway or older adults who want peace and quiet during a beach vacation.

Here, you’ll find:

  • Over a dozen championship golf courses
  • World-class cuisine
  • A rich history and historic forts, monuments, and more

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 2 hours and 48 minutes

Distance from Savannah, GA: 180 miles

Visitor’s Website for St. Augustine

15. Destin

Fishing Boat in Florida Waters

Destin, Florida is 456 miles or just under a 7-hour drive from Savannah.

About Destin, FL: Destin, FL is in the Panhandle on Florida’s Gulf Coast. It has a hometown feel and miles of white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.

Reasons to Visit: Destin is the perfect place for people who love to fish! It’s actually called the “world’s luckiest fishing village”. Beyond fishing and great local seafood, there’s plenty of shopping, activities and more for the whole family.

Drive Time from Savannah, GA: 6 hours and 49 minutes

Distance from Savannah, GA: 456 miles

Visitors’ Website for Destin, Florida

Conclusion to Best Beaches Near Savannah

Savannah’s location on the east coast means its a short drive to many amazing beaches in the Southeast. You can travel in any direction and find miles of coast and vibrant beach towns in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.

Here are some other beach lists worth exploring as well:

And for ideas of things to do local to Savannah, check out this video:

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