20 Most Relaxing Places To Visit in Georgia: Ultimate Guide (2023)

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Georgia has some of the best weekend getaways in the United States. Whether you’re looking for a quiet time away from the hustle and bustle, or want some quality time with those who matter most, Georgia has premiere spots for recreation and relaxation!

Our selection of the most relaxing places to visit in Georgia includes the popular cities, coastal resorts, and outdoor recreation and parks. Since relaxation really depends on what experience you’re looking for, so this list should help you narrow down some ideas!

Whatever you choose, we have you covered with our list of great places to visit for relaxation in Georgia. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the spots, attractions, and fun things to add to your itinerary. 

What are the Best Places to Visit in Georgia to Relax?

The best places to visit in Georgia for a relaxing vacation include a diverse group of cities, coastal resorts, state parks and botanical gardens.

Relaxing Cities and Towns to Visit in Georgia for Vacation

From a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains (Blue Ridge) to the oldest city on the Georgia coast (Savannah), you’ll find plenty of relaxing getaways in Georgia.

Relaxing Beach Resorts to Visit on the Georgia Coast

Georgia’s coastline runs 110 miles along the Atlantic Ocean and has plenty of relaxing beach areas to vacation. Some of the most popular are listed below!

State Parks and Recreation in Georgia for Relaxing Vacations

Georgia has 49 State Parks to check out, and the entire list is found on the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website. Some of my favorite are the below five!

Popular Botanical Gardens in Georgia

While Georgia has dozens of botanical gardens to visit, here are four especially relaxing and beautiful ones to check out!

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    Relaxing Cities in Georgia Worth Visiting

    When choosing the best cities to stay in Georgia, you should consider: desired recreation and activities, distance from Atlanta (the state capital), and how long you plan to visit.

    The following cities are great places for both a day trip and an extended vacation.

    1. Blue Ridge, GA: A Mountain Town Relaxation Experience in North Georgia

    Sunset Over Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia

    The charming mountain town of Blue Ridge is a popular site for a variety of fun and memorable activities – from horseback riding to apple picking. Both vacationers and seasoned outdoor enthusiasts have plenty to look forward to here.

    Blue Ridge is nestled in the North Georgia mountains. You will be welcomed by the green pine forests, spectacular views, and fresh mountain air. Whether you’re up for a little bit of adventure in the acclaimed trails, wine tasting in vineyards, shopping and dining in downtown Blue Ridge, or just a cozy night in a cabin or spectacular treehouse, there’s always something for everybody. 

    For these reasons and more, Blue Ridge tops our list of Georgia’s most relaxing places to visit.     

    Top Things to Do in Blue Ridge, GA:

    2. Savannah, GA: Historic City and Relaxing Georgia Coastal Destination

    Collins Quarter in Savannah

    Savannah is known primarily for its rich history and serene atmosphere. When visiting its historic district, you’ll be treated to vintage infrastructures preserved in their original Greek revival, Victorian, and Gothic styles. 

    You can spend your day popping in museums and historic landmarks and sample the locally crafted beers. Then shop downtown and take leisurely walks on Savannah’s waterfront.

    Also, don’t forget to catch a show at the city’s entertainment district.   

    Top Things to  Do in Savannah, GA:

    • Take a Ghost Tour
    • Visit the Forsyth Park
    • Get in the old town trolley tours
    • Check out the public art museum
    • Stroll in Savannah’s gorgeous parks
    • Visit the American Prohibition Museum
    • Sample authentic Southern cooking in downtown restaurants
    • Visit Savannah’s scenic rooftop bars downtown 

    3: Ellijay, GA: The Apple Orchard Capital of North Georgia

    Aerial view of downtown Ellijay Georgia

    Ellijay has a quaint and rustic vibe that reminds you of a simpler time. Set your visit during the Fall if you’d like to participate in the apple picking season!

    You’ll be able to taste the freshest apples and other fruits in Georgia. Ellijay’s apple orchards and their premium fruits are what make the city Georgia’s Apple Capital.

    If you’re looking for a place to unwind and unpack, Ellijay’s cabin rentals will provide you with the atmosphere, amenities, and mental lightness you crave. 

    Or maybe float your worries away when you hop on a rented pontoon boat at Carter’s Lake Marina. Then schedule a tour to Ellijay’s prominent wineries and vineyards or explore the Cohutta Wilderness. 

    If you’re outdoorsy, Ellijay offers a wealth of hiking trails filled with creeks and waterfalls. For those who find relaxation in strolling in downtown areas, you can bask in the city’s vibrant scene and historic sites. 

    Top 8 Things to Do to Relax in Ellijay, GA:

    4: Augusta, GA: Relaxation in an International Golf Capital

    Front of Sacred Heart Cultural Center

    Best known as the site for the Masters Golf Tournament, Augusta is a fabulous city to spend the weekend relaxing in. Augusta was established in 1736. Stroll in the historic district downtown and visit the churches and Savannah riverwalk. 

    The most beautiful places in Georgia often merge the options of larger cities withthe slow pace of small towns – which is what Augusta offers its visitors. 

    Visit the museums and interactive exhibits to immerse yourself in Augusta’s history and culture. Then, experience the best of Southern hospitality and cuisine when you dine at Augusta’s finest restaurants and sweet shops. Enjoy the quiet moments in Augusta for a relaxing vacation.

    Learn more about the best things to do in downtown Augusta, GA here.  

    Top Things to Do in Augusta, GA:

    5: Helen, GA: The Mini-Germany and Oktoberfest Capital of Georgia

    Cityscape of Helen Georgia and people shopping

    You may know Helen, GA for its lively Oktoberfest festivities where there’s plenty of beer and folks wear traditional German attire like lederhosen and dirndls. But Helen has a lot more to offer than just the Oktoberfest tourism.

    When looking for a relaxing place to visit in Georgia, Helen offers panoramic views of the Blue Ridge mountains, great outdoor activities, and the spectacular leisure in its downtown. Don’t miss the Alpine town where you will be transported to a German village with its Bavarian-style shops and restaurants.  

    Book a romantic cabin around many waterfalls and take a hike on some of the state’s best trails. You can also explore water tubing and other activities. Plus, plan your trip around other festivities like Habersham Winery’s annual Wine Fest in May. Or to Helen’s the Atlantic Balloon Race and Festival. 

    Top Things to Do in Helen, GA

    • Solve mysteries at Mind Escapes
    • Take plenty of pictures at the Alpine town
    • River tubing at Helen Tubing and Waterpark
    • Mine some gems at Outpost Gold and Gem Mining Co. 
    • Visit the origin of cabbage patch dolls at Babyland General Hospital
    • Experience authentic German cuisine and beer at Bodensee Restaurant

    6: Macon, GA: Relax in Middle Georgia

    black bear

    If your version of relaxing is seeing awe-inspiring architecture, then Macon, GA, is the place for you. The historical pieces of the city encompass Greek revival and Victorian-style buildings located in its 14 historic districts. 

    Over the years, it has become a melting pot of Southern music, culture, cuisine, and American history. There’s also no shortage of outdoor adventures either. You can hike state parks and forests. Also, the famous Ocmulgee river has plenty of kayaking and paddle boarding.

    If you plan to visit between March and April, witness the Cherry Blossom Festival with booths, fairs, and live music. You can also go during Macon’s Burger week, typically held on the first week of November.

    Top Things to Do in Macon, GA

    • Stroll at Amerson River Park
    • Learn about history at Tubman Museum
    • Experience the Ocmulgee Outdoor Expeditions
    • Visit the Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park
    • Tour the future at the Museum of Arts and Sciences
    • Savor delicious Southern meals at H & H Soul Food

    Georgia Coastal Resorts for a Relaxation and Vacation

    The beach almost always comes to mind when thinking of relaxing places to visit! And for good reason. In Georgia, you have 110 miles of coastline that runs along the Atlantic Ocean between Florida and South Carolina.

    The Georgia coast features gorgeous stretches of marshland and beautiful beaches. Here are five favorite beach resorts for a relaxing vacation. 

    7. Tybee Island

    6 Closest Beaches to Augusta, GA
    Georgia Beaches

    Located in the historic city of Savannah, Tybee Island is a coastal barrier island home to numerous sandy beaches, salty breeze, and excellent restaurants. Tybee is 20-minute scenic drive from downtown Savannah.

    Many choose to stay in Savannah and visit Tybee Island during the day, but there are numerous hotels on Tybee as well.

    Aside from immediate access to the beach and Atlantic ocean, you’ll also have the opportunity to visit museums, lighthouses, galleries, and other local attractions. Biking or hiking through Tybee is well worth exploring as well.

    For more information about setting up your vacation in the island city, swing by the Tybee Island Visitor Center. 

    Top Things to Do on Tybee Island

    • Go fishing at Tybee Pier and Pavilion
    • Golfing at one of these 20 championship courses near Tybee 
    • Enjoy terrific views at the North Beach
    • Eat plenty of seafood at The Crab Shack
    • Sample traditional food at Coco’s Sunset Grille
    • Check out the Tybee Island Marine Science Center
    • Watch some dolphins through Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours

    8. Jekyll Island

    Jekyll Island was a former getaway location of America’s elite during the late 1800s. Many of the facilities were originally built as a private retreat for affluent families like the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and Pulitzers.

    Nowadays, the island has fabulous beaches open to everyone. Jekyll is one of the four barrier islands in the region known as The Golden Isles.

    The four Golden Isles include:

    • Jekyll Island
    • St. Simons Island
    • Little St. Simons Island
    • Sea Island

    You can’t help but relax when surrounded by tropical palm trees, southern live oaks, and the Spanish moss. Get the most out of your visit by stopping by at historic cottages, museums, and the former clubhouse.

    Top Things to Do on Jekyll Island

    • Fishing at Jekyll Island Marina
    • Visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center
    • Enjoy Southern meals at The Wharf
    • Stay in luxurious hotel and vacation home rentals
    • Ride the Atlantic Wave Poll at Summer Waves Water Park
    • Check out the three main beaches: Driftwood beach, Glory beach, and Great Dunes

    9. Sea Island

    Woman sitting on deep sea fishing boat

    Carrying a century-old reputation as a family vacation spot, Sea Island gives unparalleled experience with its pristine beaches, impressive architecture, and spectacular views. 

    Sea Island is home to many private beaches, an archery center, tennis courts, a Yacht club, and sunset cruises. As part of our list of most relaxing places to visit in Georgia, you can indulge in the island’s four five-star experiences, specifically:

    The Cloister at Sea Island for an elegant, secluded beach retreat with an outdoor pool.

    The Lodge at Sea Island for a world-class luxurious resort experience. 

    The Spa at Sea Island for restoring your health and wellness. 

    The Georgian Room Restaurant for enjoying French cuisine and other top-notch courses.

    Top Things to Do in Sea Island 

    • Take a sunset cruise
    • Horseback riding on the beach
    • Embark on the Salt Marsh Dolphin tour 
    • Take a private golf lesson at the Golf Performance Center
    • Learn about sea turtles and take a night walk with Sea Island’s Dawn Patrol

    10. Little St. Simons Island

    With its enchanting cottages and diverse local wildlife, you’ll find the perfect escape from the city’s noise at Little St. Simons Island. Its private beaches are tranquil and less hectic than the other isles.

    Little St. Simons Island is owned by an eco-tourism group and can be reached via boat from the Hampton River Marina. Ideal for groups and family reunions, it’s the best getaway if you enjoy conservation and nature.

    Top Things to Do in Little St. Simons Island

    • Enjoy farm-to-table dining
    • Lounge at the sprawling porch
    • See sunsets along the marshes
    • Go kayaking, fishing, and birdwatching 
    • Swim on the Island’s undeveloped beach

    11. Cumberland Island National Seashore

    Cumberland Island showing horse and Dungeness Ruins

    If you love nature and the outdoors, you’ll be in your element when visiting the Cumberland Island National Seashore. This island has unique places like vast marshes, preserved wilderness areas, and natural beaches that are perfect for relaxation.

    Cumberland is famous for the wild horses that roam the island.

    But the best way to experience this island is by visiting the campsites of Cumberland. From there, you can treat yourself to a short walk or full-day hike on the island’s scenic trails. Then, at night, enjoy the incredible sunset and do a little stargazing on the beach. 

    Cumberland Island is not very developed, so don’t expect to find shops and restaurants around. Instead, pack your meals and prepare to be immersed outdoors. If you need a picnic basket, this picnic backpack is easy to tote around.

    Top Things to Do in Cumberland Island National Seashore

    • Observe wild horses
    • Explore the ruins of a Carnegie mansion – The Dungeness Ruins
    • Explore the island by biking
    • Go relax on the beaches and swimming 
    • Get into boating, fishing, and kayaking
    • Embark ranger-led guided walking tours
    • Take stunning photos of the island’s landscape and elements

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    State Parks for a Relaxing Nature Adventure in Georgia

    Georgia’s 49 State Parks were designed for recreation and relaxation. Packed with rich history, preserved beauty, and outdoor amenities, consider visiting these spectacular parks when planning a relaxing weekend vacation.

    12. Providence Canyon State Park – The “Little Grand Canyon”

    Providence Canyon of Georgia

    Providence Canyon State Park is located in Lumpkin, GA and is one of the most unique places in the state! Ever since I visited in 2019, I’ve wanted to return.

    The 150 foot gullies are actually the result of poor farming practices during the 1800s. There is a trail around the perimeter of the canyon, which provides excellent opportunities for scenic photos.

    Pro Tip: The red Georgia clay will likely stain any light colored clothes or shoes. Also, wear hiking books or shoes like these for those inclines.

    13. Amicalola Falls State Park

    Home to the highest cascading waterfall in Georgia, Amicalola Falls State Park is the perfect place for nature lovers to unwind and unload. 

    Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the North Georgia mountains, including:

    • the Chattahoochee river,
    • Brasstown Bald – the highest point in Georgia
    • the lush vegetation and trails of the Chattahoochee National Forest

    Whether you go hiking on the nature trails, ziplining in the Canopy tour, or simply having a picnic near the waterfall, Amicalola Falls State Park provides ample opportunities to relax and recharge in nature.

    Top Things to Do in Amicalola Falls State Park

    • Visit the Amicalola Falls
    • Hike on the Appalachian Trail
    • Get in on the GPS scavenger hunt
    • Try ziplining and crossing suspension bridges
    • Taste American and Southern cuisine at the Maple Restaurant
    • Take part in the 3-D archery course and Survivalist Training program

    14. Tallulah Gorge State Park

    Tallulah Falls GA

    Tallulah Gorge is one of the most spectacular sites in the country and embodies the natural beauty of Northeastern Georgia. The panoramic views of Tallulah Gorge State Park is both relaxing. It’s also an experience you won’t soon forget.

    Getting into the park, you can head straight to the interactive center showcasing the area’s history and activities, including animal exhibits for kids. One of the main attractions in the area is its Instagrammable suspension bridge. 

    Inside the park, you have plenty of options for outdoor activities you’d like to try, from hiking and swimming, to setting up camp on the trailer and RV campsites. 

    Top Things to Do in Tallulah Gorge State Park

    • Hike multiple trails
    • Visit the Wallenda Tightrope Towers
    • Ride a bike on the paved shortline trail
    • Swimming and fishing at Tallulah Lake
    • Go on camping at the Terrora Campground
    • Swing by the Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretative Center

    15. Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

    Established as a breeding and refuge area for migratory birds and other wildlife, the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge remains an ecological wonder. It’s one of the most popular sites in Georgia, with over 600,000 annual visitors.

    The wildlife refuge continues to preserve the Okefenokee swamp by providing a habitat for many endemic and migratory birds and animals. For this reason, wildlife photographers and enthusiasts frequently visit the area to capture the most fascinating images.

    You can get experience outdoor activities designed to complement the beauty of the park. Rent a kayak or canoe to explore the Suwanee and St. Marys river. Join the ranger-led swamp tour and see some alligators drift through the water.   

    Top Things to Do in Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

    • Sign up for the boat tours
    • Go on kayaking and canoeing 
    • Embark on a wilderness camping
    • Experience wildlife sightings and photography
    • Climb the Owls Roost Tower for a spectacular view of the park

    16. Stone Mountain Park

    Stone Mountain Park spans 3,200 acres and has a 15-mile nature hike and a scenic railroad tour. Ride Summit Skyride’s cable car to reach the top of the stone mountain. Or learn about the granite quarry and see the 732-bell Carillon. 

    Top Things to Do in Great Stone Mountain Park

    • Go on hiking at nature trails
    • Set up a picnic at designated eating areas
    • Enjoy fishing at the Stone Mountain Lake
    • See the Carillon, Grist Mill, and Quarry Exhibit
    • Visit the Historical and Environmental Education Center
    • Check out the Dinosaur Explore and Camp Highland Outpost for kids
    • Ride their phenomenal attractions like the Geyser Towers and Scenic Railroad
    • Play at their two golf courses

    Botanical Gardens

    In Georgia, you’ll find over twenty botanical gardens to visit. You can relax as you view the bright blossoms and curated beauty of these gardens.

    17. Callaway Resorts & Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA,

    The premiere blossoms are found at Callaway Gardens. If you visit the Flower Fest once, you’ll want to return!

    During spring, the gardens are blanketed by lushious blooms, from azaleas to daffodils. There’s even a sprawling mosaic of flowers and hedges in impressive form. Outside springtime, you’ll find other activities to do, such as hiking, fishing, biking, and golfing at Callaway Gardens.

    Top Things to Do in Callaway Resorts & Gardens

    • Swim at Robin Lake 
    • Enjoy a full-service spa
    • Explore the Pine Mountain Woodlands
    • Play at their championship golf course
    • Bike and hike along the paved and natural trails
    • Experience ziplining and other TreeTop adventures

    18. Gibbs Gardens

    Gibbs Gardens is known for its immaculate designs, artistic landscapes, luscious blooms, and water areas. You’ll find the calm and tranquility you crave within this 300-acre property. 

    Take lots of pictures with the flowers or just relax and enjoy the moment. The popularity of Gibbs Gardens also makes it a top recommendation when staying at Big Canoe, GA

    Top Things to Do in Gibbs Gardens

    • Tour the manor house gardens
    • See the most spectacular daffodil garden
    • Chill under the gazebo of the valley gardens
    • Checkout the waterlily gardens and Monet bridge
    • Enjoy some snacks and drinks at the Arbor Cafe

    Atlanta Botanical Garden

    Located in Midtown Atlanta, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is a popular place for visitors and residents to relax after a hectic week. It’s one of the first spots you can visit after flying into Georgia, along with other staples like the Georgia Aquarium. You can also check their second location in Gainesville, GA. 

    If you’re a plant connoisseur, you will be thrilled to find rare tropical and desert plants along with native collections such as roses, herbs, and carnivorous flora in the garden. Perennial and seasonal exhibits feature extravagant blooms and intricate plant sculptures. 

    Top Things to Do in Atlanta Botanical Garden

    • Stroll on the fabulous canopy walk
    • Drop by the famous Earth Goddess sculpture
    • See the gardens from above at the Alston overlook 
    • Take a gander at the award-winning Childrens Garden 
    • Visit the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory and the Fuqua Orchid Center
    • Grab breakfast or sushi in downtown Atlanta afterward

    20. Thomasville Rose Garden

    The Rose Garden is a famous part of Thomasville, Georgia. The garden has over 1,500 rose bushes that bloom brightest during the spring months.

    This is just in time for Annual Rose Show and Festival in April. Not only is Thomasville’s Rose Garden a delight to see, but it’s also incredibly fragrant. Relaxation and tranquility. 

    Top Things to Do in Thomasville Rose Garden

    • Stay in the charming gazebo
    • Visit Cherokee Lake Park nearby for a stroll around the lake
    • Check out the themed beds: Heroes, Love & Cherish, Holidays, and Famous People

    Summary to Most Relaxing Places to Visit in Georgia

    Finding the most relaxing places to visit in Georgia becomes easier if you know exactly what activities and sites you find most enjoyable.

    Designing your itinerary will ultimately depend on how you picture your vacation. Nonetheless, including the places and activities mentioned above in your plans is an excellent option for a perfect weekend.

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