Pet-Friendly Cabins in Georgia Mountains: 6 Best Rental Options [2022]

Woman and Dog on Cabin Porch in Hammock

Enjoying the beautiful scenery of the North Georgia Mountains in a cabin is an unforgettable experience. It’s even better with your pet! Outdoor adventures are an exciting way for you both to enjoy nature and escape! Kick back and relax with your furry friends as you find your quiet retreat in pet-friendly cabin rentals.

The Georgia Mountains are home to scenic mountain views, lush forest landscapes, winding rivers, and plenty of activities! Pet-friendly cabins in Georgia mountains give both of you the freedom to explore nature or simply soak in the views during your family vacation.

Here are the best pet-friendly cabins in the North Georgia Mountains. Read on to learn about the 6 best rental options available, as well as some of the fun things to explore in the area!

Pet-Friendly Cabin Rentals in the North Georgia Mountains

Mountain Paws Cabin RentalsBlue Ridge, Ellijay, and Blairsville, GA4 to 12 people
Sliding Rock CabinsEllijay, GA2 to 8 people
Morning Breeze Cabin RentalsEllijay and Blue Ridge, GA2 to 14 people
Willow Creek Cabin RentalsBlue Ridge, GA2 to 14 people
Yonah Mountain Cabin RentalCleveland, GA10 people
Airbnb (URL for pet-friendly search)Search: “North Georgia Mountains”Varies
VRBO (under the Guests section,
select “Yes” to Pets)
Search: “North Georgia Mountains”Varies

1.    Sliding Rock Cabins

Phone Number: 866-666-2224Amenities:
Fire pit
Gas grill
Full kitchen
TV with Firestick
High-speed internet
Fenced yard
Washers and dryers
Google Reviews: 4.5 of 5 stars / 142 reviewsBook a Stay at Sliding Rock Cabins

Sliding Rock Cabins offer amazing rentals with pet-friendly accommodations. There are no additional fees to bring along your family pet either!

Cabins are located in Ellijay which is a pet-friendly town known for pet-friendly restaurants such as the Back Porch Bistro. If you’re interested in other restaurants in Ellijay, check out this guide!

Larger cabins may also include a bar area for entertaining. Balconies allow guests to enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. Guests can also enjoy outdoor activities along the Chattahoochee River like tubing.

The direct address of their cabins is given once guests have paid for their stay. This is done according to their privacy policy.

2.    Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals

Phone Number: 888-875-5669Amenities:
Fire pit
Gas grill
Hot tub
Full kitchen
TV with Satellite or Cable
High-speed internet
Screened porch
Washers and dryers
Google Reviews: 4.5 of 5 stars / 761 reviewsBook a Stay at Morning Breeze Cabins

Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals have a wide selection of cabins throughout the state of Georgia. This includes both Blue Ridge and Ellijay. There are also a few cabin rentals in North Carolina.

Blue Ridge and Ellijay are home to many restaurants, wineries, and breweries that welcome pets too!

Their terms of use highlight a non-refundable pet fee of $60 if any damage is caused by pets or guests during the stay.

The company also specializes in property management for people who are interested in buying a cabin to rent. They provide services including owner login, marketing, and vacation rental software guides with keyboard shortcuts.

There are many cabins and locations to choose from, and their availability calendar allows easy bookings where guests can view when each cabin is available.

3.    Willow Creek Cabin Rentals

Phone Number: 844-472-2089Amenities:
Outdoor fireplace
Outdoor dining
Gas grill
Hot tub
Full kitchen
TV with Satellite or Cable
High-speed internet
Washers and dryers
Game room
Google Reviews: 4.5 of 5 stars / 16 reviewsBook a Stay at Willow Creek Cabin

Are you looking for a little bit of luxury during your weekend trip? Willow Creek Cabin Rentals is perfect for families and their pets looking to enjoy nature while living luxuriously.

Their spacious cabins feature beautiful interiors decked with dark woods and rich leathers. Guests will never want to leave! These high-end cabins can fit the whole family and more.

Cabins include entertainment rooms, hot tubs, and basketball courts for everyone to enjoy. When not relaxing in the cabin, try hiking in a nearby state park!

4.    Mountain Paws Cabin Rentals

Back patio of log cabin in woods
Phone Number: 706-781-3892

Wood burning fireplace
Outdoor hot tub
Gas grill and kitchen
Cable and satellite TV
High-speed internet
Game rooms
Google Reviews: 3 stars of 5 stars / 5 reviewsBook a Stay at Mountain Paws Cabins

Mountain Paws Cabin Rentals is the perfect weekend getaway for pet owners. There are no pet fees either! With cabins across North GA, there are a variety with some amazing scenic views to choose from.

Their Blue Ridge cabins allow visitors to explore downtown Blue Ridge, the Chattahoochee National Forest, or the Toccoa River. Their Blairsville cabins are a great place for viewing nature from a higher elevation.

Cabins are conveniently close to zip lining courses, horseback riding trails, golf courses, and much more! The whole family can have fun depending on their interests!

5.    Yonah Mountain Cabin Rentals

Contact Information:
Through Glamping Hub website
Barbecue & Outdoor grill
Outdoor deck
Hot tub
Full kitchen
TV with Satellite or Cable
High-speed internet
N/ABook a Stay at Yonah Mountain Cabins

Yonah Mountain Cabin Rentals is pet friendly and is located just three miles from Helen, GA. The custom log furniture provides a unique rustic style that creates an unforgettable ambiance!

There are no additional fees for pets. And the cabins have stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the deck!

Outdoor grills and barbecues on the deck allow guests to enjoy each sunrise and sunset in the mountains. The cabin is just a few minutes away from the beautiful Yonah Mountain trail.

The Yonah Mountain Winery is also nearby and provides the perfect relaxing escape from the city.

6. Airbnb and VRBO Pet-Friendly Cabins in Georgia Mountains

North Georgia Mountains

Two of the largest vacation booking websites also offer pet-friendly options. On Airbnb and VRBO you can find pet-friendly cabins in Georgia Mountains. You’ll just need to make sure the correct link or filters are accessed.

Pet-Friendly Airbnb Lodging in Georgia Mountains

You can locate pet-friendly cabins by accessing the correct link for Airbnb booking. The pet-friendly stays Airbnb URL can be accessed here. Here are the four steps to find the perfect place for your stay!

  1. Click “Start your search” in the top center search console.
  2. In “Location” enter “North Georgia Mountains, GA.” This selection should autofill once you start typing.
  3. Enter your “Check in” and “Check out” dates for availability.
  4. Add the number of total guests (Adults, children, and infants) and hit the search icon.

Additionally, if you’d like to filter by cabin rentals, here is an example of Airbnb’s offerings. There are some really unique options here!

Pet-Friendly VRBO Lodging in Georgia Mountains

VRBO screenshot for pet filter search

Finding pet-friendly cabins on VRBO is a little more straightforward. No specific URL is needed. Just access their homepage and follow these steps.

  1. In the middle of the page, select “Find your place for together.”
  2. In the “Where” box enter “North Georgia Mountains, GA.” This selection should autofill once you start typing.
  3. Enter your “Check in” and “Check out” dates for availability.
  4. Add the number of travellers under “Guests” – this will allow you to select a “Yes” button for pets. If selected, only properties that allow pets will be shown for the search.

Great Products for a Pet-Friendly Cabin Getaway

Here are a few essential products for both you and your pet that will allow you to have a relaxing trip in nature.

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In a Nutshell

Finding the perfect cabin for you and your pet to enjoy can be the ultimate adventure! It’s one of the best ways to have a memorable time surrounded by friends and nature. So, bring your pet and get ready to experience the breathtaking Georgia Mountains!

Georgia also has beautiful waterfalls and lakes that are exciting to explore. Be sure to read our articles on Cabins Near Waterfalls in Georgia and Fly Fishing in the Georgia Mountains for your next adventure!

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