7 Best Indian Food Restaurants in Augusta, GA (2023)

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Within the United States, most Indian restaurants serve an Americanized spin on Northern Indian Cuisine. As the Augusta, Georgia area has grown, so too have the selections of restaurants serving dishes that have their origins in the Indian subcontinent. Here are the best spots for Indian food in Augusta!

Table of Indian Restaurants in Augusta

The below table is meant to provide an overview of these seven restaurants. Be sure to checkout their menus for any updated prices and hours of operation.

Restaurant Regional Styles and FlavorsPrice for Butter Chicken & Menus
Curry Hut– Northern and Southern Indian
– Indo-Chinese specialties
Menu Here
Lahore Express– Pakistani and Northern Indian$9.99 (Chicken Makani)
Menu Here
Taj of India– Mostly Northern Indian, with small selection of Southern Indian dishes$14.99
Menu Here
Persis Indian Grill and Bar– Northern and Southern Indian
– A few selections of American soups
Menu Here
International Cafe– Mainly Northern and some Southern Indian. Also, fusion selections on appetizers and dessertsIs not on the menu, so try Mango Chicken Curry for $16.50 instead
Menu Here
Namaste Indian Street Food– Southern Indian (with a focus on street food)$14.99
Menu Here
Kashmir Bazaar– Grocery store with focus on Pakistani, Indian, Afghan, and Middle-Eastern foodsGreat options, especially the inexpensive spices and produce
Indian Restaurants in Augusta, GA Chart

Best Indian Food in Augusta

Person eating Indian food from the plate with naan bread

Butter chicken and chewy naan bread are a combination masterpiece that few dishes can rival. But Indian Cuisine is more expansive, diverse, and flavorful than the staples we’re familiar with in America. There are significant regional differences within Indian cuisine that impact everything from the cooking oil used to the selection of proteins and spices.

1. Curry Hut

Curry Hut is one of the best places for Indian food in Augusta. It has my favorite style of Butter Chicken and Naan bread in the area (I prefer the dish to be on the sweeter, less acidic side).

Curry Hut offers a broad range of Indian food from across Southern and Northern India, both according to their website and when I asked their front desk.

You won’t be disappointed with the 15 Vegetarian plates or Indo-China specialties either. If you like American Chinese food, you may want to check out this article on the 6 Best Chinese spots in town too.

At one point, this location was the spot of a delightful Thai restaurant, Thai Jong. (And before that, probably a Taco Bell based on the building design).

But in recent years, it was transformed into one of the best Indian restaurants in town. And its rapidly become a favorite among both local Augustans and out of town visitors.

Pro Tip: Ask them about their Lunch Buffet – it went away during the pandemic and hasn’t returned yet. I’m hoping if enough people ask about it, they’ll bring it back.

Also, Curry Hut is conveniently located near the Masters, if you’re looking for a spot to eat after spending the day out on the course.

Location: 2810 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA 30909

2. Lahore Express

Lahore Express is the only restaurant in Augusta serving Pakistani food (to my knowledge). The restaurant is named after Lahore, the capital of the Punjab province of Pakistan (with a population nearly double that of Atlanta).

Lahore Express offers a straightforward one-page menu packed with delicious options. The prices for a main dish average under $10 and are more than reasonably priced.

Pro Tip: Chicken Biryani is only $8.99 and delicious. Unless you enjoy lots of heat, ask for the mildest level of spiciness. Also, the dining space is very limited, so plan on maybe picking up and eating elsewhere.

Location: 201 Shartom Dr, Augusta, GA 30907

3. Taj of India

Taj of India is one of the only Indian Restaurants in town with an all-you-can-eat buffet at lunch time. This is technically a lunch plate and is typically open from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM. With tax, the price comes out to about $12.95, which is about the best deal you will find in the area for your money.

The food is delicious and is mainly inspired by North India cuisines, with some selections of Southern Indian dishes.

Pro Tip: Excellent Butter Chicken, which has more tomato and hence higher acidity than other versions of the dish I’ve had in Augusta.

Location: 502-7 Furys Ferry Rd, Augusta, GA 30907

4. Persis Indian Grill and Bar

Persis Indian Grill and Bar has a huge selection of Indian and Indo-Chinese dishes, with a large offering of American soups as well. The menu gives you a lot to choose from and the food is amazing!

Persis Indian Grill and Bar also has a Kid’s Menu that offers either $7.99 Butter Chicken or a variety of American staples.

Location: 3112 Washington Rd Suite J & K, Augusta, GA 30907

Pro Tip: Persis Indian Grill and Bar has six different dessert items – try the Ras Malai. Also, if you prefer other dessert options, check out our post on top dessert shops in Augusta.

5. International Cafe

International Cafe serves Indian food but also has plenty of fusion options. The bulk of the entrees and appetizers at International Cafe are traditional Indian foods, including the excellent Chicken Dosa and Lamb Vindaloo.

But the appetizers are inspired by a wide array of cuisines – from an Eggplant Bruschetta to Tokyo Shrimp Tempura with Ginger Sauce. And if you are looking for sushi spots, check out the 10 best sushi restaurants in Augusta and learn which one has buy-one-get-one specials.

Location: 503 Shartom Dr, Augusta, GA 30907

Pro Tip: Try the Lamb Vindaloo. Also, International Cafe is only Indian restaurant in town where you can get mango cheesecake, brownies, or bread pudding for dessert!

6. Namaste Indian Street Food

Baking roti in stone oven

Namaste Indian Street Food is unique because its menu focuses on street food found in Southern Indian cuisine. Namaste Indian Street Food also provides a Kid’s Menu that serve American dishes for little ones.

Pro Tip: You can find excellent presents here for foodie friends and family, as they sell restaurant gift cards on their website.


7. Kashmir Bazaar Grocery Store — Cook Your Own

Okay, Kashmir Bazaar isn’t actually a restaurant. But they do sell amazing, fresh veggie samosas near the checkout counter. But at this grocery store, you can find amazing ingredients at an affordable price (I buy most of my spices here). Also, the people here are so helpful whenever I’ve had questions while shopping.

And this is also the plug for the make-it-yourself option. If you’ve ever made Butter Chicken, you know it requires a lot of ingredients and takes a fair bit of prep time. That’s why I’m happy to pay $15.99 for a good plate of Butter Chicken. In fact, all the Butter Chicken prices at any of the above six restaurants are all very fair.

Regardless, making it yourself might just give you an appreciation for this fact, while also providing a fun night in. I’m including some amazing YouTube chef videos for both Chicken Biryani and Butter Chicken dishes. You’ll find everything you need at Kashmir Bazaar.

Location: 248 Bobby Jones Expy, Augusta, GA 30907

Try making some Chicken Biryani!

Or try making Butter Chicken!

Editor’s Pick on Amazon: Made in India: Recipes from an Indian Family Kitchen.

Conclusion to Best Indian Food in Augusta, Georgia

Whether you’re looking for Southern Indian street food or the perfect blend of North Indian cuisine, there are some amazing places for Indian food in Augusta!

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