5 Top Spots: Hog Hunting in Georgia at Night (2023)

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Georgia is known for its thrilling wild hog hunts! These action-packed trips feature different terrains, unpredictability, and a whole lot of excitement.

Before choosing where to go feral hog hunting, it’s important to know the basics such as necessary equipment, safety rules, and the hunting environment.

If you want to learn more about how to have a thrilling wild hog hunt in Georgia, then this detailed guide is great for you. Keep reading to find out more!

Staying Safe While Hog Hunting

The state is home to feral hogs that stalk open fields in national forests and public land at night. Oftentimes these wild pigs destroy corn plants and other crops. Hunting is viewed as one of the effective ways to control this wild boar population.

Experienced hunters will tell you hunting a live feral hog is dangerous. So, while wild hog hunting can be a fun and exhilarating adventure, it’s important to stay safe. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure everyone has a safe adventure.

  • Time of Day. Most hog hunting trips are done at night. Wild hogs are nocturnal and most active after the sun sets.
  • Guided Hunt. Trips will be directed by a guide to ensure everyone remains safe.
  • Requirements. The guide will go over all the necessary equipment with participants as well as a safety briefing for any malfunctions.

It’s important that participants shoot from as far range as possible. Getting too close to feral pigs is dangerous because they can charge and gore.

After the hunt, it’s important to protect yourself if handling a hog carcass. Wear gloves and safety goggles when handling the hog.

Places to Hog Hunt in Georgia for a Fee

Hog Hunting SpotsLocationCost per person
Smithville, GA$500
Wrightsville, GA$475
Dorchester Shooting Preserve
2640 Sunbury Road Midway, GA$600
Gum Log Plantation
GA-11Abbeville, GA$450
Pig Problem
124 N. Jackson St, Americus, GA$500

1.    HOG S.W.A.T – Southwest Georgia

HOG S.W.A.T is a hog control company that helps local farmers. When a farm is plagued by this invasive species, HOG S.W.A.T. will go hunt on the farmer’s property. These hunts also help curb the population of wild pigs.

For night hunting, each trip is led by an experienced guide who will be by your side for the whole time. Hunt parties are transported safely in a large van.

A monitor is connected to a long-range thermal camera. Armasight thermal scopes are also used to identify the hogs. Night vision binoculars like these can also be used.

Bright white lights can easily scare off hogs so green lights are often used and carried by hunters in part of a belt system.

Additional Information:

  • There are no trophy fees
  • All-inclusive package. The hunting trip includes optics, ammo, a hunting weapon, and hog processing, so you can take your meat home with you.

2.    Woods-N-Water

For over 25 years, Woods-N-Water has offered 5,500 private acres for hog hunting. The property also includes deer hunting during the state’s firearms deer season.

On the property, there are plenty of wild boars to hunt. These include trophy boars that grow up to 300 pounds. Visitors have a harvest success rate of over 90%.

There are also meat hogs that can be hunted so visitors can take home meat such as a hog’s shoulder (similar to pork butt for BBQ).

Other Information:

  • Hunting methods include hunting in the safety and height of a stand during nights led by an experienced guide.
  • Bows, rifles, and handguns are used to hunt the hogs.
  • There is a bag limit of 1 hog per hunt day.
  • They provide free skinning and quartering of all hogs hunted.

3.    Dorchester Shooting Preserve

Dorchester Shooting Preserve was a plantation that was converted into a 5,000-acre hunting preserve, with many different game animals on the property.

Bay and catch dogs are used during hog hunting season which has been a long-standing southern tradition. Bay dogs help to corner the hog while loudly barking. This then alerts the hunters.

The hunter then procures the hog with a rifle or bow. Dorchester Shooting Preserve allows guests to have the opportunity to hunt a hog through this method.

4.    Gum Log Plantation

Gum Log Plantation was founded in 2001 and is a private property with a lodge and hunting grounds for small game.

With 1,100 acres of land, there is a wide range of activities from which to choose. In addition to hunting, guests have the opportunity to go fishing and boating.

Hogs gather along the swamp land along the Ocmulgee River which is a prime hunt location.

Additional Information:

  • Length. Hog hunting trips take a day’s minimum.
  • Food Sources. All hogs on the property have natural food sources.
  • Large Groups. Hog hunting trips at night allow group hunts of 4 to 20 people.

5.    Pig Problem

At Pig Problem, people can experience a fully guided hog hunting adventure at night. All full-service night hog hunts are led by guide Captain Max Shifler, who has had 12 years of guiding experience.

Before each hunt, the guide will go over safety protocols and each piece of equipment. Equipment provided includes a Pulsar Thermion XP50 Thermal Optics (like this one), along with a tripod for an accurate aim.

There is unlimited ammo for night hunts with all processing of the feral swine meat included.

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Guidelines and Helpful Information on Hog Hunting in Georgia

Do I need a license to hunt wild hogs in Georgia?

Yes, if you are 16 or older, you must possess a Georgia Hunting License. If you are hunting hogs on your own property, then no license is required. However, you must actually own the land.

Is there a season for hogs in Georgia?

No, the open season for hog hunting is year-round with no closed seasons. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has more information here. Check it out to make sure you’re in compliance.

Can you hunt hogs year-round in Georgia?

Yes, because hogs are classified as a non-native, invasive species and can be hunted year round. However, make sure to check that you are following state regulations before hunting.

Can you eat wild hogs in Georgia?

Wild hogs can be eaten. However, as with all game meats, safety in the procuring and cooking of the meat is essential. Cooking methods are similar to that of barbequing pigs. Low temperatures and long cook times help soften the muscle-rich and more gamey-tasting meat.

Hog Hunting in Georgia at Night: In a Nutshell

Hog hunting in Georgia at night can be an exhilarating adventure and the best way to have a memorable experience with friends. So, grab your gear, go on a hunt, and get ready to have fun!

Georgia also has plenty of breathtaking views to see in nature. Be sure to read our articles on Treehouses in Blue Ridge Mountains and Snow Tubing Near Blue Ridge, GA for your next adventure!

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