Hobby Board Game Stores in Augusta, GA: Quick Guide [2022]

Board Game Stores in Augusta, GA

If you are a hobby board game enthusiast, you’ve likely come across the acronym “FLGS”, which stands for “friendly local gaming store.” As people dive into the hobby, it’s both incredibly helpful and meaningful to be part of a local gamer community – and your FLGS is the ideal place!

Thankfully for Augustans, there are wonderful hobby board game stores in the area. Some of the recommendations below truly offer that FLGS experience, whereas others are straightforward places to locally buy or sell hobby board games. For those who are tired of always shopping at big online stores, here’s a quick guide to Local Hobby Board Game Stores in Augusta, GA!

FeaturesRatingLocation & Website
Cardboard Castle Games– Augusta’s Flagship FLGS (friendly local gaming store)
– Large in-instore Gaming Area
– Community Focus. See Events Calendar
– Largest Selection
– Website lists inventory and an online order option is available
– Late store hours for night owls – Open until 11 PM every day, except Saturday (12 AM) and Sunday (10 PM)
Google Reviews:4.5 of 5 stars672 Mullins Colony Dr, Evans, GA 30809

Website & Hours Here

(706) 305-1714
2nd & Charles– Amazing deals on used board games, as well as new
– Robust selection of both board and card games
– Most expansive offerings outside board games too (comics, RPGs, video games)
Google Reviews:4.5 of 5 stars2834 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA 30909

Website & Hours Here

Augusta Book Exchange– Good board game selection
– Best selection on different lines of miniatures and paints
Google Reviews:4.5 of 5 stars1650 Gordon Hwy, Augusta, GA 30906

Website & Hours Here

(706) 305-1714
Barnes & Noble– Sales that offer great discounts on a range of board game titles
– In the Augusta Mall
Google Reviews:4.5 of 5 stars3450 Wrightsboro Rd, Augusta, GA 30909

Website & Hours Here

(706) 737-0012
Augusta Gamers Trade/Sales Facebook Group– Over 400 members in the area
– Best Facebook Group for those who want to trade, buy, or sell locally
N/A. Check Facebook Page for more information.Facebook Page Here
Books-A-Million (Aiken, SC)– Recently reopend in Aiken and offers board and card game selectionGoogle Reviews:4.5 of 5 stars1704 Richland Ave W, Aiken, SC 29801

Facebook Page & Hours Here

Firefly Toys & Games (Columbia, SC)– The FLGS of Columbia, South Carolina
– 1 Hour Drive from Augusta and worth checking out
Google Reviews:4.5 of 5 stars736-C, St Andrews Rd, Columbia, SC 29210

Website & Hours Here


Cardboard Castle Games (Evans, GA)

Cardboard Castle Games is the flagship friendly local gaming store (FLGS) for Augusta, with a spacious gameplay area, true community focus, and the largest and most comprehensive game selection in the area. The store is located off Washington Road in the Mullins Crossing Shopping Mall. Shortly after opening its doors in January 2020, it rapidly became a local favorite.

The store’s owner and operator, Robert Temenak, along with the entire crew, are passionate about the hobby and go out of their way to assist customers. Whether you’re a veteran gamer looking for the latest crunchy Euro-style game, or brand new to the hobby, they’ll show you around the store and help you find what you’re looking for. In my many visits to Cardboard Castle, I’ve always been greeted warmly and made to feel welcome, even if I was just browsing.

And if they don’t have a product in stock, you can ask them in person or via a Facebook page message to order the title for you. They’ll let you know ASAP if the title is available through their distributor and available to order. If it’s not, they’ll point you in the right direction to purchase.

Gameplay Area

If you walk straight through the front door and go past the shelves and register, you’ll find a large tabletop gaming space. Occupying about a third of the entire store, this gameplay area has almost a dozen foldout and boardgame tables, which can host about 60-70 people at capacity.

You’ll find friends gathered around playing Magic the Gathering. Or you could pick one of the board games from Cardboard’s game library, meet some new folks and learn a new game in the process. Inexpensive snacks and drinks can be purchased too.

But if you need to grab a meal, Cardboard is conveniently located to a lot of restaurants. Here are some favorites I recommend trying out for either pizza, tacos, burgers, or for convenience in the Evans area.

Community Focus

With an open gaming area and awesome staff, the community aspect naturally follows. Like with any space, if you become a regular, you get to know the people. It takes time though. Cardboard Castle facilitates this further by hosting a range of events.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventures League, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Star Wars X-Wing, and Wargaming events are regularly hosted throughout the week. And on Sunday is an open Board Game Day, which starts between 1 and 2 PM, and is for those looking to meet fellow board gamers. You have the option of bringing your own, purchasing a game in-store, or playing one from Cardboard Castle’s library for free.

Board Game Selection

The selection of board and card game titles is by far the best in the CSRA. Whether you’re looking for the latest Kickstarter or the second edition of Great Western Trail, Cardboard Castle has hundreds of game titles to choose from in the store. If they don’t have it, they’ll place an order for you!

Additionally, locals will sometimes sell their board game collections to the store and Cardboard Castle will post this on its Facebook page, allowing for some excellent deals.

Located Here: 672 Mullins Colony Dr, Evans, GA 30809 (Near Evans’ Target)

Official Website

Events Calendar (Magic the Gathering, Adventures League, Pokemon, and much more!)

2nd & Charles

Although 2nd & Charles’ main focus is new and used books, the store has an impressive selection of board and card games. The board games are somewhat spread throughout the store, but the bulk of them are in the middle of the store near the records and CDs.

Although I was hesitant to buy used board games (no shrinkwrap), given all the small components that can get lost, I’ve never had an issue here. After buying the game King of Tokyo, the pieces were all there as I checked against the rulebook. If components or pieces are missing, 2nd & Charles should allow you to return the game.

For events, check their Facebook page as they are announced intermittently. Prior to the pandemic, there would be occasional Magic the Gathering or other weekend game events.

Located Here: 2834 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA 30909 (near the Augusta National)

Official Website

Augusta Book Exchange

Located off Gordon Highway, the Augusta Book Exchange opened over 30 years ago and has gradually expanded its offerings from solely used books to comics, board games, cards, and roleplaying games. The owners were incredibly helpful when I visited, and Augusta Book Exchange has a great selection of board games. Additionally, they carry numerous lines of miniatures and paints for RPGs.

However, the store itself is not designed like Cardboard Castle to be a true FLGS, complete with gameplay area and a host of gaming events. But if you’re looking for a board game or miniature, this is a good spot to check out!

Located Here: 1650 Gordon Hwy, Augusta, GA 30906 (Close to Ft. Gordon)

Official Website

Barnes & Noble

You’d be right to question why Barnes & Noble made this list. However, B&N has hopped aboard recently for the Golden Age of Board Games. Located in the Augusta Mall, you can find an impressive selection of board game titles here. Although the selection is not as expansive as Cardboard Castle, B&N will occasionally have flash sales where you can find excellent deals. Its well worth checking out!

Located Here: 3450 Wrightsboro Rd, Augusta, GA 30909 (Augusta Mall)

Official Website

Augusta Gamers Trade/Sales Facebook Group

For those looking to trade, buy, or sell used board games in Augusta, this Facebook Group is active and has several hundred members. Games, miniatures, and RPG books can be found here. Well worth joining and perusing if you prefer to to buy or sell locally!

Facebook Page

Books-A-Million (Aiken, SC)

Out in Aiken, you’ll find that Books-A-Million has reopened its doors and is the go-to for hobby-board games. If you cannot find the title in store, try ordering via the Books-A-Million national website and having it delivered locally!

Located Here: 1650 Richland Ave West, #195, Aiken, SC 29801

Facebook Page

Firefly Toys & Games (Columbia, SC)

Located Here: 672 Mullins Colony Dr, Evans, GA 30809

Official Website

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