Haunted Houses in Greenville, SC: 6 Best Attractions (2023)

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Every year near the last week of September, you start seeing advertisements for chainsaws, haunted figures, and ghoulish fiends floating around in a dark house or abandoned field. While this might make you feel faint, other people look forward to visiting these Haunted Houses for a good scare!

You will find six Haunted Houses throughout the upstate area of Greenville, SC. When you visit during the Halloween season, you will have your choice of haunted places with the most frightening special effects, terrifying ghouls, the best monsters, and everything from your worst nightmare!

Choose from the top six haunted houses and trails to have a good scare, like you are in a live horror film! If you are visiting Greenville, SC, here are some of the best and most spine-chilling Haunted Houses to brave with your friends. 

1. Nightmare Dungeon (Powdersville, SC)

What looks like an unassuming 120-year-old house is actually South Carolina’s scariest haunted attraction! When you enter Nightmare Dungeon, you will be greeted by the most frightening ghouls and realistic special effects.

Remember, not all nightmares happen at night as you wind through underground tunnels, maze-like rooms, and chilling sounds. 

  • Experience the Tunnel of Terror, where you find your way through a dark underground tunnel! Scream your way through the Dungeon of Lost Souls, a labyrinth of old cells where experiments have gone very wrong!
  • Nightmare Dungeon 2022 will have the Nightmare Clownz for the first time in the Clown Infestation! All hands-on creepy clowns and fire performers will make your visit one you will NEVER forget!

This abandoned cabin has a high scare factor and is known for its topnotch Halloween productions

Nightmare Dungeon is open daily (rain or shine), and tickets are available from early September through early November. If your Halloween season is not complete without some terror and special effects, this is the place for you!

Official Website Here

2. MadWorld Haunted Attractions (Piedmont, SC)

MadWorld Haunted Attractions is considered one of the “Top 10 Scariest Haunted Attractions in America!” It’s the best haunted house for group gatherings like bachelorette parties, corporate events, and extended family traditions.

Tickets go on sale in early September through early November.

MadWorld has fire pits, a live DJ, and plenty of food and beverages available while you wait. They have recently added mini golf, ax throwing, and carnival games to enjoy while you wait or to recover when you emerge from the MadWorld.

More Family-Friendly: This attraction also caters to family fun. Mad World offers a No Scare Medallion for the little ones who want to go through the house with you. The most frightening figures will run away from your group instead of scaring you.

Halloween Entertainment: During the daytime, you can enjoy non-scary Halloween events, such as:

  • go to their pumpkin patch
  • ride the cow train
  • climb on haybales
  • bounce on the jumping pillow

How old do you need to be to go to Mad World? There are no age restrictions and families are encouraged to join! However, the haunts can be intense so parents need to be aware of this if they have smaller children.

MadWorld has something for everyone during Halloween Season–whether you want to be scared speechless or just enjoy a fall night outdoors with the family! 

3. Sweet Dreams Scare House (Easley, SC) 

Sweet Dreams Scare House is not your average haunted house. This 30-45 minute haunted experience guarantees it will be the most realistic, immersive, terrifying night ever! You can purchase a Touch Tour pass that allows the characters to touch you, separate you from your party, and scare you to death.

You must be 18 and over to enter this one-quarter-mile indoor/outdoor haunted attraction. Since the ghouls and terrifying figures play off your reactions, no experience is ever the same.

Sweet Dreams Scare House is open from mid-September to early November, and you can purchase tickets online.

4. The Asylum on Pine Knoll (Easley, SC)

Face the maniacal clowns in The Asylum at Pine Knoll with their 3D glasses that make this one of the best Halloween attractions! Located only four miles off Interstate 85 at exit 40, The Asylum on Pine Knoll will scare your wits out of you!

The dark areas where the clowns live can be especially frightening with the rotating strobe lights. Therefore, this haunted house is not recommended for kids under thirteen or for people with weak hearts. 

They offer general admission and fast-pass tickets for an increased price, letting you skip the long line. Remember to check their social media pages and website for special offers. 

5. Nightmare Hollow (Spartanburg, SC)

This haunted trail is full of unexpected twists and turns. You will go through the haunted graveyard and asylum, the killer cornfield, the slaughterhouse, and the clown zone. Bonehead the Clown even has his own Facebook page as found here.

Along the Nightmare Hollow trail, you will experience periods of total darkness, (lots of) loud screams, strobe lights, and other unexpected terrors. The trail takes thirty-five minutes, and there is a cost for parking.

Keep in mind that Nightmare Hollow is CASH ONLY and is open every weekend from late September through the end of October. 

6. Fear Farm, Clinton 

Voted the scariest haunted house in South Carolina twelve years in a row, people come from all over the Upstate and Charlotte, NC, to experience this haunted farm.

Follow the long creepy path from the parking area to the all-new Fear Farm Midway, where you will find:

  • Ticket booth
  • Carnival games
  • A putt-putt course
  • Restrooms
  • Picnic tables
  • Music
  • Roaming characters who might randomly scare you
  • Photo booth with the Fear Farm monsters

The Fear Farm is actually four experiences in one.

  1. The Abyss is tight twists and turns in complete darkness as you weave your way in and out of caverns.
  2. Mineshaft Mayhem takes you into an abandoned mine where no one can hear you scream.
  3. Experiment 13 takes you into the workshop of a mad scientist and be a test subject.
  4. Finally, make your way through the Fagan family graveyard and into the farmhouse, where you never know what you will find!

Buy your tickets online for general admission and the fast pass add-on, if you wish. You can add the five-minute escape room to your ticket for a small cost. 

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night from September through early November, you can have a terrifying encounter with the unexpected. No Halloween season is complete without some of your worst nightmares coming true! 

Other Attractions to Consider

If you’re looking for other Halloween activities, you may want to check out these attractions as well.

  • Greenville Ghost Tour – explore downtown Greenville and the most haunted areas the city has. Official Website Here.
  • Haunting of Poinsett Bridge: Learn about the ghost stories and other spooky things associated with this bridge.


What is the scariest haunted house in Greenville, SC? Sweet Dreams Scare House because it is only open to those 18 years and older.

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