10 Beautiful Georgia Beach Towns: Visit & Live Here

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Georgia’s coastline runs 110 miles along the Atlantic Ocean and has some charming coastal communities! These are popular spots for both vacationers and those looking for a more relaxed pace of life. Here are 10 of the best Georgia beach towns!

Quick Table: Best Georgia Beach Towns

Below is a quick reference table of these Georgia beach towns, along with the population and just a few of the most popular things to do!

Georgia Beach Town or IslandKey Attractions & Things to DoCountyPopulation
St. Simons Island-Family-friendly beach town and 4 beaches
-Charming downtown at Pier Village District
Tybee Island– Historic Tybee Lighthouse
-Tybee Pier & Pavilion
Savannah-Oldest city in Georgia (est. 1733)
-Largest Beach Town (city)
-Most diverse dining and recreation options
Jekyll Island-Georgia Sea Turtle Center
-Driftwood Beach
Little St. Simons Island-The Lodge at Little St. Simons Island for gatherings
-Guided nature walks
Sea Island-Luxury Resort Golden IsleGlynn298
Brunswick-Gateway to the Golden IslesGlynn14,629
St. Mary’s-Southernmost beach town in Georgia
-US Naval Base
Darien– Altamaha River Wildlife Management Area
-annual seafood festival
Cumberland Island– wild horses, 9,800 acres of wilderness, and the ruins of a 1700s mansion (Dungeness)Camden

List of Georgia Beach Towns

1. St. Simons Island, GA

St. Simons Island is one of Georgia’s most family-friendly beach towns and is one of my favorite places! Situated between Jacksonville, FL and Savannah, GA, St. Simons is the largest of the Golden Isles.

Composed of four barrier islands – Little St. Simons, Jekyll, St. Simons, and Sea Island – the Golden Isles are known for their pristine golden beaches, beautiful marshlands, luxury resorts, water activities, and history!

St. Simons also has a charming downtown in addition to the miles of beaches and natural beauty. On the south side of the island, you’ll find the Pier Village District, which is the downtown hub. You’ll find plenty of ice cream shops and amazing restaurants like Barbara Jeans here.

At St. Simons, you’ll find there are four main beaches to enjoy fun in the sun: Massengale Park, Gould’s Inlet, East Beach, and Coast Guard Station Beach.

If you want to learn more more about St. Simons Island, including the beaches, shopping, historical sites, and restaurants, check out this article on our site.

Visitors’ Website for St. Simons & The Golden Isles

2. Tybee Island, GA

Tybee Island is the best Georgia beach town for those who want to be near Savannah. Tybee’s nickname is “Savannah’s Beach” because it is only a 20-minute drive from Savannah’s historic downtown. Thus, you can explore Savannah’s downtown shops and arts after spending the day at the beach.

The island’s beach is famous for the iconic Tybee Island lighthouse and the Tybee Pier & Pavilion! Explore the historic lighthouse before visiting the pier for fishing, relaxing, or just people watching.

Some of the top hotels are Hotel Tybee, Georgianne Inn, Beachview Inn & Spa, and the DeSoto Beach Hotel. If you’re interested in moving here, check out Tybee Island’s website that has information on real estate!

Visitors’ Website for Tybee Island

3. Savannah, GA

Savannah is the largest Georgia beach town. As the fifth largest city in Georgia, there’s no shortage of fun places to explore and activities to experience. Below are just a few of the many things Savannah offers:

4. Jekyll Island, GA

Jekyll Island is the perfect Georgia beach town for a tranquil getaway and return to nature. With 5,500-acres and 10 miles of shoreline, Jekyll is one of the smaller Golden Isles.

One of the most popular places on Jekyll is Driftwood Beach. Named after the driftwood that washes on the shores, Driftwood Beach serves as a stunning location for photographs of the Atlantic coast and local wildlife.

For other outdoor fun in the sun, check out:

  • the Georgia Sea Turtle Center
  • tennis, biking, and golf
  • kayaking and boating
  • Summer Waves Water Park

If you’re interested in camping, there’s also an 18-acre campground on Jekyll Island!

Visitors’ Website for Jekyll Island

5. Little St. Simons Island, GA

Birds flying at jekyll island

Little St. Simons Island is the smallest of the Golden Isles and a privately owned beach resort. This island is only accessible by boat from St. Simons.

You’ll find The Lodge on Little St. Simons Island that has some charming cottages, making it a great location for special events.

Also, Little St. Simons Island is a great place for nature lovers, as wildlife is abundant due to the conservation efforts for an uninhabited nature preserve on the island. Some other ways to spend the day include:

  • Guided nature walk tours
  • Fishing or birding
  • Bicycling

Visitors’ Website for Little St Simons

6. Sea Island, GA

woman getting a head massage at spa

Sea Island is a luxury five-star resort town on Georgia’s coast. With 5-miles of private beaches and 50acres of marshes, rivers and seaside views, Sea Island is a great getaway spot! You can enjoy the beauty of the Georgia coast and have all the extravagant amenities provided by the resort

A stay at this resort will give you access to amenities like:

  • A championship golf course
  • Five-star eats
  • Sailing, kayaking, and fishing
  • Boutique shopping

Visitors’ Website for Sea Island

7. Brunswick, GA

Brunswick is the second largest beach town in Georgia and is known as “the Gateway to the Golden Isles.” Located 70 miles south of Savannah, Brunswick has a rich history and many buildings from the 1700 and 1800s can be viewed in the Brunswick Old Town Historic District.

Once you arrive in Brunswick, you’ll be able to access the Golden Isles mentioned above – St. Simons, Jekyll, Little St. Simons, and Sea Island. The city is known both for its tourism and one of the most product ports on the East Coast, Brunswick Port.

Some other things to do include visiting:

8. St. Marys, GA

The Clark Home in St Marys, Georgia

Located in Camden county, St. Mary’s is a small beach city with some beautifully preserved historic buildings from the 1800s. Located along the St. Mary’s River, the town is only only 10-minutes from the Georgia-Florida border and 40-minutes from the city of Jacksonville.

St. Mary’s is also known for bordering the US Naval base of Submarine Base Kings Bay. Every year, the town hosts the Rock Shrimp Festival, which includes delicious sea food, races, and family fun. Overall, St. Mary’s is a great beach town that is family friendly and within a short drive of numerous beaches along the Georgia-Florida border (more about them in this article).

9. Darien, GA

Darien is a small beach town of roughly 2,000 people just north of Brunswick. Along the Darien River and Atlantic Ocean, the area’s tidal creeks and salt marshes are beautiful to experience. Additionally, there’s boardwalk that has shops, restaurants, and art galleries that are popular among locals and visitors alike.

Other things you may want to check out are:

  • Historical Sites: Fort King George and McIntosh Sugar Works
  • Blessing of the Fleet festival (annual seafood festival)
  • Altamaha River Wildlife Management Area (hike, fish, or watch wildlife like bald eagles, alligators, and deer)

City of Darien, GA Website

10. Cumberland Island, GA

Cumberland Island is mainly a wilderness area that is overseen by the National Park Service. Only accessible via boat, Cumberland Island is the largest barrier island in Georgia and has 9,800 acres of wilderness.

You’ll find miles of salt marshes, unspoiled coastline, and dunes. Visitors to the island can also explore the island’s historic sites, like the Dungeness ruins pictured above.

Conclusion to Georgia Beach Towns

As you can see, Georgia has a diverse and charming array of beach towns. Whether you want to experience the bustle of a city like Savannah or the small-town feel of St. Simons, there is a beach town for everyone!


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