19 Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Georgia (2023)

Dog Friendly Beaches in Georgia

Picture it. You’re ready to enjoy the sun, sand, and warm coastal waters in Georgia! But you’re not sure how welcome your dog will be during your vacation at the beach.

It can be hard to figure out what Georgia beaches allow dogs and pets. Here are the best dog-friendly beaches in Georgia for your next trip!

I’ve also included some bonus beaches, along with some tips and fun activities!

Dog Friendly Georgia Beach: My Pick

My favorite dog-friendly beach in Georgia is Massengale Park on St. Simon’s Island!

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars on Google

Reminders When Visiting Georgia Beaches with Your Pet

It is important to follow the specific beach’s rules because not all of them are considered dog or pet friendly. Some Georgia beaches flat-out prohibit all pets on the beach.

  • Example: Tybee Island and Little St. Simons Island

Additionally, some beaches allow dogs, but during certain months and times of the day.

  • Ex. Most of the beaches on this list have at least some restrictions.

For example, a lot of busy beaches only allow dogs on the beach during the early morning and at evening time. And others prohibit dogs and pets during the busiest seasons, like summer months.

Additionally, some beaches allow your dog to be off leash, while others require they be on leash at all times.

True. Visiting the beach is a great way us dog owners to enjoy time with our pets. And it’s a great source of exercise and adventure for our four-legged friends. So many new things to smell and see.

But you also need to make sure you stay safe and observe the rules of whatever Georgia beach you’re on.

Key Takeaway

  • Some beaches prohibit all pets. Double check to be certain dogs are even allowed.
  • For beaches that allow pets, what are the restrictions? Certain months, hours of the day, leashed, etc.?

Table of Dog Friendly Beaches in Georgia

Beach NameLocationKey Features & NotesMain Rules on Dogs
East BeachSt. Simons Island, GAIdeal for biking or an early morning run. Known for its hard packed sand.St. Simons Island Rules:
-Dogs allowed before 9:00 AM and after 6:00 PM from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
-Other seasons, dogs must be under immediate control.
-No dogs on sand dunes. Must clean up after your dog.
-If dogs do not obey voice commands, they must stay on a leash that is 10 feet or shorter.
Massengale ParkSt. Simons Island, GAPacked with amenities like picnic tables, grills, public restrooms, and a children’s playground.
Gould’s Inlet BeachSt. Simons Island, GAKnown for bird watching, fishing, and ocean observation. Offers a shower, water station for pets, and a fishing pier.
Coast Guard BeachSt. Simons Island, GAKnown as “First Street Beach Access.” Offers a boat house and concession stands during the summertime.
Driftwood BeachJekyll Island, GAKnown for its beautiful nature with giant pieces of driftwood.Jekyll Island Rules:
-Leashed dogs permitted unless a sign prohibits them.
– Leash max of 16 feet.
-No dogs on sand dunes.
-No pets on Glory Beach and South Dunes Beach.
Great Dunes ParkJekyll Island, GAOffers amenities like public restrooms, bike racks, and a picnic area.
St. Andrew’s BeachJekyll Island, GAPopular for observing migratory birds and dolphins.
Oceanview Beach ParkJekyll Island, GAOffers wide-open space, outside showers, public restrooms, and picnic benches.
Corsair BeachJekyll Island, GALocated between Days Inn and Jekyll Ocean Club. Offers picnic pavilions, restrooms, and outdoor showers.
The Resort of Sea IslandSea Island, GA-Luxury resort with 5 miles of private beach front.
-Offers a pet menu for dogs.
-Weight limit: 35 lb. or less.
-Dog/Pet fee to be charged.
-Dog must be leashed while on the grounds.
-Cannot be left alone in the room.
Little Tybee IslandNear Savannah, GA-Accessible only by boat or kayak.
Sapelo IslandSapelo Island, GA-Known for its Gullah community and quiet atmosphere.-dog leashed on the ferry ride and while walking around the island
– Clean up after your pet & Be mindful of local wildlife.
-No dogs on the sand dunes.
Dungeness BeachCumberland Island, GA-Allows dogs but the ferry does not transport them. -Accessible via a private boat.National Park Service rules apply.

St. Simons Island’s Dog Friendly Beaches

collage of dog friendly beaches in Georgia

St. Simons Island is one of the best places in Georgia to take your dog to the beach. There are four main beaches to visit: East Beach, Massengale Park, Gould’s Inlet, and Coast Guard Beach.

For a list of all the access points, there’s a list and map here.

Rules for Dogs on St. Simons Island Beaches

The general rule is that dogs are allowed to visit if they stay in close proximity to their owners and remain under immediate supervision. Here are some of the specifics though.

  • Memorial Day through Labor Day, dogs are only permitted before 9:00 AM and after 6:00 PM.
  • For all other seasons, dogs are allowed as long as they’re “within close proximity and under the immediate control of the owner/handler.”
  • No dogs or pets permitted on the sand dunes.
  • Clean up after your dog (and yourself).
  • Also, be mindful that loggerhead turtles lay eggs on the Golden Isles and there are numerous bird species to look out for.
  • If dogs do not obey voice commands, they must stay on a leash that is 10 feet or shorter. See all rules here.

Check out Glynn County’s website for more information on the rules.

1. East Beach (St. Simons Island, GA)

St. Simons Island East Beach

Why East Beach: East Beach is ideal for biking or an early morning run with you dogs! This stretch of sandy shores is known for its hard packed sand.

Also, it’s one of the most popular beaches of St. Simons Island.

Location: 4202 1st St, St Simons Island, GA 31522

2. Massengale Park (St. Simons Island, GA)

Why Massengale Park: Massengale Park is packed with amenities for your dog! Enjoy the outdoors and quality time spent with your pup. 

This makes it one of our favorite dog beaches on the East Coast.

Amenities Available: Here, you can find:

  • picnic tables
  • grills
  • public restroom facilities
  • a children’s playground,

Location: Ocean Blvd, St Simons Island, GA 31522 

3. Gould’s Inlet Beach (St. Simons Island, GA)

Why Gould’s Inlet: Gould’s Inlet is one of the most beautiful beaches among the Golden Isles!

The beach is known as a bird watching, fishing and ocean observation area, rather than a true beach area. 

As such, it’s still one of the top locations on our list of dog friendly beaches.

Amenities: The beach access location offers:

  • a shower
  • water hose
  • community water station for pets
  • dog bag station
  • benches
  • a fishing pier.

Pro Tip: The parking lot is quite small, so it’s best to go in the early mornings. 

Location: Bruce Dr, St Simons Island, GA 31522

4. Coast Guard Beach (St. Simons Island, GA)

St Simons Island Lighthouse

Coast Guard Beach is also known as “First Street Beach Access.” You’ll find a boat house and concession stands during the summertime!

This is a great spot if you want a little more quiet. You’ll have to walk through a trail to get to the beach area.

Additionally, they have free parking areas available, along with

Location: St Simons Island, GA 31522

The Jekyll Island Dog Friendly Beaches are…

Dog Friendly Beaches in Georgia

Jekyll Island permits dogs and pets year-round. However, make sure you read the below specifics to the rules.

Jekyll Island, GA Rules for Pets

The general rule is leashed dogs are permitted on Jekyll Island’s beaches UNLESS you see a sign prohibiting dogs or pets. In particular, the rules are:

  • Dogs and pets must be in the immediate control of their owners at all times.
  • The leash can be a max of 16 feet
  • No dogs or pets permitted on the sand dunes.
  • No pets permitted on Glory Beach and South Dunes Beach (These are the areas popular amongst the birds and sea turtles for nesting. Pets are not allowed in these areas to protect the wildlife.)
  • Clean up after your dog (and yourself)
  • The full list of rules can be found here on the official page for Jekyll Island

There are five beach areas to choose from on Jekyll to take your dog! Here’s a little more about each one.

5. Driftwood Beach (Jekyll Island, GA)

Why Driftwood Beach: Driftwood Beach is one of the best places to take your dog because of the beautiful nature!

Just like the name implies, giant pieces of driftwood that have washed ashore inhabit the soft sand. The beach has lots of interesting nature to sniff and explore.

Also, if you are looking for dog friendly beach camping options in Georgia, the Jekyll Island Campground is just a few minutes away from this beach.

Location: N Loop Trail, Jekyll Island, GA 31527

6. Great Dunes Park (Jekyll Island, GA)

Why Great Dunes Park: Great Dunes Park is a popular beach on Jekyll Island!

And it’s a great place for dogs and dog owners to have fun together.

This beach offers amenities including public restrooms and bike racks and a perfect spot to eat lunch at the South Dunes picnic area just a few minutes away.

A playground and a mini-golf course is in close proximity to the beach, so there are plenty of family-friendly activities to keep you busy. 

Location: Ocean View Trail, Jekyll Island, GA 31527 

7. St. Andrew’s Beach (Jekyll Island, GA)

Jekyll Island Beach Boardwalk

Why St. Andrew’s Beach: This beach is one of the southernmost points on Jekyll Island.

During the summer season, tourists come from all over the United States to observe the natural wildlife such as migratory birds and dolphins swimming in the water. 

But, dog lovers can visit St. Andrews Beach which gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to a dog friendly beach and views of the stunning nature. 

Location: 100 Andrews Street, Jekyll Island, GA 31527

8. Oceanview Beach Park

Oceanview Beach Park has plenty of wide-open space to enjoy the sandy shores with your dogs!

You’ll also find amenities like outside showers, clean public restrooms, picnic benches, and occasionally live music!

And if you visit during the holidays, check out the opportunities for a Jekyll Island Christmas!

Location: 549 Beachview Dr N, Jekyll Island, GA 31527

9. Corsair Beach

Corsair Beach Park is on the southern part of Jekyll Island Village. It can be found between Days Inn and Jekyll Ocean Club and hotels.

Along with being dog-friendly, you’ll find:

  • two picnic pavilions
  • restrooms and outdoor showers
  • changing areas
  • 100+ public parking spaces

Location: Corsair Beach Park, Jekyll Island, GA

Other Barrier Islands that are Dog and Pet Friendly

10. The Resort of Sea Island, GA

Sea Island is a luxury, five-star resort spot that allows you to bring your pets! With 5 miles of private beach front, this is a luxurious getaway for you and your dog!

You can stay at either The Lodge or Cloister on Sea Island. And there is even a pet menu to choose delicious treats for you dog!

Sea Island’s resorts have several policies and rules to keep in mind though. Some of the main ones are:

  • Weight limit: 35 lb. or less
  • Dog/Pet fee to be charged
  • Dog must be leashed while on the grounds
  • Cannot be left alone in the room

Location: 100 Cloister Dr, Sea Island, GA 31561

11. Little Tybee Island, GA

View of Little Tybee Island from Tybee shoreline

Little Tybee Island is the closest dog friendly beach to Savannah, GA. However, this is an option for those who like boating or kayaking with their dogs!

And the reason is that Little Tybee is only accessible via crossing the water.

This is a popular spot for pups since dogs are not allowed on the beach at Tybee Island. Visitors of the little island can enjoy bird watching, camping, and fishing.

Close by on Tybee Island is an off-leash dog park, Tybee Island Dog Park, where you’ll find plenty of other dogs for your pup to mingle with. 

Location: Little Tybee Island, Georgia 31328 

12. Sapelo Island, GA

Litle Lighthouse at Sapelo Island, GA
Litle Lighthouse at Sapelo Island, GA

Sapelo Island is a hidden gem that is accessible only by boat or plane.

It is known for its long-standing Gullah community and quiet atmosphere.

The island is mostly untouched by urban construction, leaving the local wildlife to flourish.

If you are interested in learning about the history of the island, you can visit historical landmarks such as the Sapelo Lighthouse and Reynold’s Mansion, both dating back to the 1800s. 

While visiting the island, it is important to follow leash laws to protect your furry companion from any danger. 

Sapelo Island Rules for Dogs. The main rules are:

  • Keep your dog leashed while on the ferry ride and while walking around the island.
  • Clean up after your pet (leave no trace).
  • Be mindful of local wildlife.
  • No dogs on the sand dunes.
  • A more detailed list can be found here.

Location: Beachfront, Sapelo Island, GA 31327

13. Dungeness Beach (Cumberland Island, GA)

Front of Dungeness ruins-historical site on cumberland island

Dungeness Beach on Cumberland Island allows dogs! However, keep in mind that the National Park Service states that the ferry will not transport them.

As such, you’ll need to come over via a private boat. Additionally, keep in mind the full list of rules found here on the NPS website.

Dog-Friendly Beaches Near Atlanta (Lakes)

Atlanta is 4.5-hours from the nearest ocean beach.

However, there are several lake and river beaches around the Atlanta area that are dog-friendly. Some of the most popular are Morningside Nature Preserve, Whitewater Creek Trail, and Lake Allatoona.

14. Morningside Nature Preserve (“Atlanta’s Dog Beach”)

Located in Atlanta’s Morningside neighborhood, this spot has 30+ acres of forest. Morningside Nature Preserve is an excellent spot to go hiking, walking, or running with your dog!

You’ll also find a suspension bridge and some shoreline along South Peachtree Creek.

Distance from downtown Atlanta: 15 minute drive

Location: 1795 Johnson Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

15. Whitewater Creek Trail Beach

If you don’t mind hiking, head over to the Chattahoochee River Recreational Area. Dogs must remain on leash at this beach area.

Location: 4058 Whitewater Creek Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

16. Lake Allatoona, GA

Lake Allatoona

As long as your dog is leashed and under your control, you can bring them to Lake Allatoona! Full list of rules can be found here.

17. Tidwell Park at Lake Lanier

Tidwell Park is one of the many parks that encompass Lake Lanier. What’s special about this park is its small beach, which is the best way to escape the summer heat.

There is a boat launching area if you want to set sail with your furry pal. 

Location: Pilgrim Mill Rd, Cumming, GA 30041

18. Lake Winfield Scott (Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest)

Lake Winfield Scott is an 18-acre lake located in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. This makes it roughly a 1.5 hour drive from the Atlanta area.

The on-leash beach allows owners to swim, fish, hike and camp with their dog close by. 

Location: Lake Winfield Scott Rd, Suches, GA 30572 

Dog Friendly Beaches Near Augusta, GA

19. Clarks Hill Park Dog Beach

Location: Unnamed Road, Clarks Hill, SC 29821

Dog Friendly Beaches Near Savannah, GA

There are over a dozen dog friendly beaches within a 1 hour drive from Savannah. The closest dog friendly beaches to Savannah, Georgia are found in the Golden Isles of St. Simons and Jekyll Island.

Summary to Dog Friendly Beaches in Georgia

Georgia has plenty of dog-friendly beaches that visitors from all over can enjoy. Whether you want to enjoy swimming, a game of fetch, camping, or fishing, bringing your pup to the beach is a great way to bond and burn some energy in the beautiful outdoors. 

Some of the most popular dog friendly beaches in the Peach State are Gould’s Inlet Beach, Sapelo Island, St. Andrew’s Beach. No matter which beach you choose to visit, it is important to follow beach rules regarding leashes and leave only paw prints, no puppy waste. 

If you’re looking for a place to stay while visiting some of these beaches, check out a few of my favorite RV parks in the area, or explore some of the numerous beaches that lowcountry has to offer with the best South Carolina beaches near Charleston. 

FAQ: Dog-Friendly Beaches of Georgia

What beaches are pet friendly near me in Georgia?

The most pet friendly beaches in Georgia are located on St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and lake beaches.

What beaches are dog friendly in Georgia?

The beaches on Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island are among the most dog friendly in the entire state. However, there dogs are also permitted on the barrier islands of Sapelo, Cumberland, and numerous lakes.

Are there dog friendly beaches near Kingsland, GA?

Yes, there are 10 beaches near Kingsland, GA that are dog-friendly; most are located on Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island.

Are there dog friendly beaches near Blue Ridge, GA?

Yes, the nearest dog friendly beaches to Blue Ridge, GA are lake beaches

Are there dog friendly beaches in Augusta, GA?

Yes, the Clarks Hill Park Dog Beach is a dog-friendly lake beach located 30 minutes outside downtown Augusta.

Are there any dog friendly beaches on Tybee Island?

No, but there is a dog park you can take your pet to.

Is Tybee Island dog friendly?

While Tybee Island itself is a great place to take your dog, dogs are not allowed on the Tybee Island beach areas.

Are dogs allowed on the beach in Jekyll Island GA?

Yes, dogs are allowed on most Jekyll Island, GA beaches year-round unless you see a sign prohibiting them. Dogs must be leashed and under the owner’s control at all times.

Are dogs allowed on Georgia beaches?

Yes, dogs are allowed on many Georgia beaches subject to certain local restrictions. However, some beaches in Georgia have prohibitions against dogs using the beach area.

Are there dog friendly beaches in Savannah, Georgia?

Tybee Island does not allow dogs on any of its beaches. However, there is a dog park on Tybee Island and dogs can also access Little Tybee Island.

Do any beaches in Georgia allow dogs?


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