Top 4 CrossFit Gyms in Columbia, SC (2023)

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It isn’t always easy to get the motivation to exercise. But, it’s a lot easier when you have a group class or fitness community to give you extra support!

Columbia, SC is home to a handful of great gyms, including gyms that specialize in CrossFit. There are four great CrossFit gyms in Columbia that can help you meet your health and fitness goals. If you’re looking for a new workout routine or want to switch things up, we recommend checking out one of the gyms on this list!

  1. Carolina CrossFit
  2. Cottontown CrossFit
  3. CrossFit Soda City
  4. CrossFit Valor

What is CrossFit?

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CrossFit is a form of high-intensity interval training mixed with strength and conditioning. It’s made up of full-body movements like squatting, pushing and pulling.

CrossFit exercises usually focus on weight, distance and speed, and the goal is to build on each of these as you get stronger.

Some typical equipment used in CrossFit gyms include:

  • Kettlebells
  • Medicine balls
  • Rowers
  • Speed ropes

Watch this video for a better understanding of CrossFit:

Most CrossFit gyms offer equipment for a solo workout, and group classes led by an instructor.

Many gyms have a tight-knit community of like-minded fitness and health enthusiasts. Joining a gym can be a great way to make new friends!

Top CrossFit Gyms in Columbia, SC

If you want to get into CrossFit, join a gym that specializes in this exercise format. Below are a few great options! Here are 4 gyms in Columbia that specialize in CrossFit.

1. Carolina CrossFit

Woman doing pushups with kettlebells

Carolina CrossFit is a gym that offers both classes and open gym times for all skill levels. The workouts here combine weightlifting with bodyweight exercises, speed training and more.

You’ll find all kinds of functional equipment here, from dumbbells to pull-up bars and stationary bikes.

If you come to open gym, you can use any equipment you’d like! There’s plenty of space for everyone.

Carolina CrossFit also has group classes, with many 1-hour class times each day. Group classes focus on mobility drills, skill-based warm-ups and post-workout recovery techniques.

There’s even a competition program for people who are serious about their training and want to compete.

New members will start with their intro to CrossFit class, which gives you 5 30-minute personal training sessions. After the intro program, you get 5 trial classes to see if it’s a good fit for you!

Location: 1825 Laurel St, Columbia, SC 29201

Carolina CrossFit Website

2. Cottontown CrossFit

Exercise with ropes

Cottontown CrossFit offers a personalized health and fitness community in Columbia, SC. They are group class-based and have a few different plan options for members.

Cottontown CrossFit is a great option for you if you are looking for:

  • Smaller class sizes (no more than 16 people)
  • Mobility-focused workouts
  • Classes at all times of the day
  • A friendly community

A bonus is that this gym has a kids’ room if your little ones have to tag along! But if you’d rather, there are tons of fun things for kids in Columbia, SC that they can enjoy with a babysitter.

If you decide to sign up, there is a 4-month commitment to help get you used to the CrossFit routine. They occasionally offer a free month’s trial, so check online before signing up!

Pro tip: Grab some liquid chalk on Amazon to help get a better grip on the CrossFit equipment. This will boost your performance and keep your hands from sweating!

Or, go for gloves that have a grip.

Location: 2202 Sumter St, Columbia, SC 29201

Cottontown CrossFit Website

3. CrossFit Soda City

Group doing pushups on kettlebells

CrossFit Soda City is a gym in Columbia, SC that has drop-in times, group classes, personal training and even a nutrition program. They train all ages, from children to seniors and everyone in between.

Each class offers hands-on training and workouts can be tailored to meet your fitness goals. The coaches provide expert guidance so you can feel comfortable starting at any level.

Some of the benefits of a membership at CrossFit Soda City include:

  • Customized fitness plans
  • Members-only app
  • Personal training options
  • Easy-to-schedule classes

At CrossFit Soda City, you’ll find a caring community of people to support you on your fitness journey!

Before you join, you can get a free consult and take a free class to try out the gym.

Location: 1340 Old Dairy Dr # B, Columbia, SC 29201

CrossFit Soda City Website

4. CrossFit Valor

Man doing situps with weighted exercise ball

CrossFit Valor is a gym in Columbia that can help you meet your goals through CrossFit training and nutrition guidance.

They individualize workouts to help match your current fitness level, gender, age and experience. Each workout combines typical CrossFit exercises, from powerlifting to running and more.

CrossFit Valor is a good gym for you if you’re looking for:

  • Flexible classes and membership plans
  • Skilled coaches
  • A social community
  • A large and clean facility

There are all kinds of membership pricing options, whether you want a single drop-in or a monthly unlimited pass.

Location: 537 Clemson Rd, Columbia, SC 29229

CrossFit Valor Website

Other Ways to Exercise in Columbia, SC

Looking for other ways to stay active in Columbia, SC?

There are plenty of free parks and riverwalk trails that are great spots for a walk, run or bodyweight workout. Or in the summer months, grab a kayak and head to a nearby lake for a great workout that’s also fun!

And, if you’re starting a new workout routine, you might like this cookbook for getting lean and staying healthy.

Whatever you decide, there are many options to get your fitness journey started in Columbia, SC!

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