Top 4 Breweries in Blue Ridge, GA: Sip Back & Relax [2022]

Five Glasses of Craft Beers for Tasting

Sipping local crafted beer while surrounded by the beautiful North Georgia Mountains is one of the best ways to spend time with friends and family. Blue Ridge, GA is home to a wide range of local breweries with many varieties of beer to enjoy. These craft breweries boast local ingredients for an exclusive taste and unforgettable experience among the local community.

Before choosing a brewery, it’s important to know that many breweries host an assortment of activities such as live music, festivals, games, and more. Breweries not only provide a great atmosphere to enjoy an ice-cold beer but to also have fun.

Here are the best breweries to enjoy a refreshing escape in Blue Ridge, GA. Keep reading to find out more!

Breweries in Blue Ridge, GA

Family having picnic at Mercier Orchards in mountains
Fannin Brewing Company
3758 E 1st St, Blue Ridge, GA9 taps
Grumpy Old Men Brewing
1315 E Main Street, Blue Ridge, GA      20 taps
Angry Hops Brewing
341 E Main Street, Blue Ridge, GA16 taps
Mercier Orchards
8660 Blue Ridge Dr., Blue Ridge, GA10 ciders on tap

1.    Fannin Brewing Company

Since 2002, Fannin Brewing Company has brought fresh Blue Ridge lager to the Blue Ridge area. The brewery keeps everything local. From the names of the beers, such as Hiawassee Golden Ale, to the highest quality ingredients that are used including local honey and fresh water from Fannin County.

Fannin specialize in brewing beer in the German tradition. There are 9 unique beers on tap. Visitors can opt for a membership for $125, which includes a package variety of craft beers and customized items.

Be sure to check out their food trucks, special events, festivals, and social media for more fun!

2.    Grumpy Old Men Brewing

Founded in 2012, Grumpy Old Men Brewing had humble origins. Two retired guys, who had learned how to brew beer in an outdoor shower, decided to start their own nano-brewery.

The brewery provides seemingly endless possibilities with 20 fresh beers on tap including pale ales and world-class beers. The brewery has become such a staple in the Blue Ridge area that visitors can buy shirts, hats, souvenirs, and more from their store.

Dogs and children are allowed in the taproom, making this brewery family-friendly. There are many events to choose from including karaoke every Thursday and live music every Friday and Saturday.

There is also a monthly food truck schedule where visitors can enjoy good beer, local foods, and relax in the fresh air.

3.    Angry Hops Brewing

Angry Hops Brewing was founded by two guys, Joe and AHB Alan, who worked at a local brewery together.

Joe was a former construction worker and river guide while AHB Alan was the head brewer at another local brewery. They crafted an idea to start their own brewery and the plan took off.

This brewery has both traditional styles of beer as well as innovative and unique styles including sours, stouts, and IPAs. The creativity of this brewery shows how beer brewing is truly its own art form. There are 16 different house brews on tap to choose from.

Also, there are events year-round including 5K races, Brazilian BBQ’s, live music, food trucks, and more special events. There is also plenty of outdoor seating and picnic tables to enjoy the views.

4.    Mercier Orchards

Mercier Orchards is a family and veteran-owned orchard that has been in the Blue Ridge area for four generations.

This is the only orchard in Georgia that grows its own apples, which are then bottled into its a cider! There are 10 ciders on tap.

The orchards provide a variety of fun activities the whole family can enjoy. Events include U-PICK and tractor tours where families can pick their own fruit from the orchard and learn about the family’s history and unique story. The orchard has a market cafe, bakery, and gift shop that serve freshly baked goods and products daily.

Apples, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and blackberries are grown in the orchards. Delicious jams, preserves, jellies, and apple butters are made from the fresh fruit and then sold in the Mercier Orchards’ market.

Families can go fishing in the local pond and adults can visit the hard cider tasting room or wine tasting room. Seasonal ciders, as well as year-round ciders, are available based on the current fruit harvest. There is also live music every weekend to enjoy.

A Few Things to Know Before Visiting a Brewery

Large fermenters at craft brewery

Visiting a brewery can be fun but can also be overwhelming especially for people new to drinking beer.

For visitors who are not too familiar with beers and breweries, it’s best to order a flight of beers. A flight will come with four to eight small glasses of different beers for the person to sample. Once you figure out your favorite one, then you can order a full pint of that brew.

If you are looking to take some beer home for later, you might want to get a growler or half-gallon jug. Many breweries allow customers to buy growlers of their favorite beer on tap since they are not found in stores.

Lastly, breweries are not all about beer. Most breweries have food, live music, games, events, and more to stay social and meet new people.

Great Brewery Products

These products are essential for beer enthusiasts and what I like to use. Bottle openers are a staple when enjoying a beer. Tap handles are convenient additions to keg assemblies. Growlers are a great way to take home beer from your favorite brewery. Frozen beer glasses, beer chilling sticks, and beer caddies are the perfect solution to help keep your beer cold on a hot day.

In a Nutshell

Visiting a brewery in Blue Ridge, GA is a great place to spend time with friends while enjoying great beer, local foods, and good entertainment. So, grab a beer and sip back and relax!

Georgia also has plenty of beautiful ways to enjoy nature. Be sure to read our articles on Horseback Riding in Blue Ridge, GA and Tubing Near Blue Ridge, GA to find your next adventure in Georgia!

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