25 Best Things to Do in Downtown Augusta, GA (2023)

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Ready to uncover the magic of downtown Augusta? Dive into our guide to discover the top spots and hidden gems that make this city truly special.

Here are the best things to see and do in downtown Augusta, GA!

Full Table of Things to Do In and Around Downtown Augusta, GA

There’s a lot to see in Augusta and this post is rather long. But here’s a quick reference table of the specific things to do in and around the downtown Augusta area.

CategoryPlace/ActivityLocationReviews (Google)
Arts & EntertainmentMiller Theater708 Broad St, Augusta, GA 309015 of 5 stars
1,210+ Reviews
Imperial Theatre749 Broad Street, Augusta, GA 309014.5 of 5 stars
460+ Reviews
Sacred Heart Cultural Center1301 Greene Street, Augusta, GA 309014.5 of 5 stars
490+ Reviews
Morris Museum of Art1 10th St 2nd Floor, Augusta, GA 309014.5 of 5 stars
480+ Reviews
Augusta Entertainment ComplexJames Brown Arena: 601 7th St. Augusta, GA 309014.5 of 5 stars
-Bell Auditorium
4 of 5 Stars
Historic Sites & MuseumsAugusta Museum of History560 Reynolds St. Augusta, GA 309014.5 of 5 stars
790+ Reviews
Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History1116 Phillips St. Augusta, GA 309014.5 of 5 stars
90+ Reviews
Ezekiel Harris House1822 Broad St. Augusta, GA 309014.5 of 5 stars
20+ Reviews
Augusta Canal National Heritage Area1450 Greene St. #400, Augusta, GA 309014.5 of 5 stars
430+ Reviews
Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson419 7th St. Augusta, GA 309014.5 of 5 stars
120+ Reviews
Downtown Augusta RestaurantsThe Brunch House573 Greene St. Augusta, GA 309014.5 of 5 stars
580+ Reviews
Craft & Vine1204 Broad St. B, Augusta, GA 309014.5 of 5 stars
510+ Reviews
Second City Beverage Co.4 8th St. Augusta, GA 3090143 / 4
The Boll Weevil10 James Brown Blvd. Augusta, GA 309012,513 / 842
Frog Hollow Tavern1282 Broad Street, Augusta, GA 309011006 / 867
Hobbies & LifestyleGrantski Records1151 Broad Street, Augusta, GA 30901197 / 92
The Augusta Riverwalk4 8th St. Augusta, GA 309013,427 / 833
The Augusta Market8th Street Plaza, Augusta, GA 30901540 / 125
The Book Tavern978 Broad St. Augusta, GA 30901315 / 144
Field Botanicals215A 12th St. Augusta, GA 30901178 / 43

Arts & Entertainment in Downtown Augusta GA to Explore

Experience music concerts, plays, and other entertainment at these amazing venues!

1. Miller Theater

Front of Miller Theater in Augusta

The Miller Theater could really be included in both the Arts & Culture AND history sections!

Once again, the Miller Theater is a top destination to enjoy a variety of types of entertainment. This includes:

  • see the Augusta Symphony
  • live musical acts
  • plays and musicals
  • watching movies
  • ballets
  • and more!

Some History.It was originally opened in 1940 and the theater was one of Augusta’s most prominent entertainment venues. It then fell into disrepair in the 1980s. 

However, the Miller reopened its doors in 2018.  This was due to the the vision and generosity of Augusta businessman and philanthropist Peter Knox IV.

Additionally, there was an ambitious capital campaign to raise the remaining funds needed for total renovation.

Miller Theater Website

Location: 708 Broad St, Augusta, GA 30901

2. Imperial Theatre

The Imperial Theatre is another historic center of the arts in downtown Augusta! It opened in 1918 with the name “The Wells, Augusta’s Beautiful Theater.”

It is the primary home of the Augusta Players,, which is Augusta’s premier theater company. This company has 4 productions per season.

The Imperial Theatre also hosts

  • concerts for local bands
  • traveling musicians
  • and ballet companies (just to name a few)

Fun fact: Charlie Chaplin was one of the first guests of the theater!

View the Imperial Theatre’s calendar of shows here.

Imperial Theater Website

Location: 749 Broad Street Augusta, GA 30901

3. Sacred Heart Cultural Center

Front view of Sacred Heart Cultural Center

Sacred Heart Cultural Center opened in 1900 and is a former Catholic church. The architecture and ornate interior draws a lot of visitors each year.

The gorgeous Victorian architecture features:

  • twin spires
  • fifteen styles of brickwork
  • ninety four stained glass windows
  • and a vaulted ceiling

The church closed in 1971 and Sacred Heart Cultural Center was opened in 1987, after significant renovations. It now mainly hosts cultural events, which include:

Attending a concert in this venue is highly recommended! The acoustics inside are some of the best in Augusta for enjoying choral and classical music. View Sacred Heart’s schedule of events here

Sacred Hearth Cultural Center of Augusta Website

Location: 1301 Greene, Street Augusta, GA 30901

4. Morris Museum of Art

Check out The Morris down near the 10th Street Plaza!

The Morris Museum of Art is truly a gem in downtown Augusta. They are proud to be the oldest museum in the country that is specifically devoted to the art and artists of the American South.

More than just a museum, The Morris regularly hosts:

  • artist talks and art shows
  • live music
  • film screenings
  • various other regular events

There are even events for participants to create their own art. The museum offers group tours that can be tailored to fit the interests of your group.

Admission and the guided tour at 3:00 p.m. are free on Sundays!

Morris Museum of Art Website

Location: 1 10th St 2nd Floor, Augusta, GA 30901

5. Augusta Entertainment Complex

James Brown Arena

Head to the two largest concert venues in Augusta!

The Augusta Entertainment Complex consists of the Bell Auditorium (BA) and the James Brown Arena (JBA). These are two of the largest venues in the CSRA and attract the biggest acts and performers!

Notable performers over the years include:

  • Elton John
  • Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  • the Harlem Globetrotters
  • Celtic Women

Traveling Broadway shows have also come to this complex as well.

The JBA hosts Augusta Beerfest in late summer every year, as well as the Kicks 99 Guitar Pull later on in the fall.

This concert draws some of country musics hottest artists to the Augusta area to raise money for the United Way of the CSRA.

Click here to view upcoming events and buy tickets.

Augusta Entertainment Complex Website

James Brown Arena Location: 601 7th St., Augusta, GA 30901

Bell Auditorium Location: 712 Telfair Street, Augusta, GA 30901

Augusta Downtown Historic District: Museums and Sites to See

Augusta’s downtown historic district is located along the banks of the Savannah River. This is one of the most vibrant places in the city of Augusta!

Every year, it attracts locals from across the CSRA and thousands of tourists, especially in April when the Augusta National Golf Club hosts the Masters Tournament. 

6. Augusta Museum of History

The Augusta Museum of History is your go-to spot or an overview of Augusta’s rich history. Learn about the history of golf and the godfather of soul.

As stated on their website, they are “Augusta’s oldest historical agency devoted to the preservation and presentation of local and regional history and historical research and resource center.”

A few of the permanent exhibitions are:

  • Celebrating Grand Tradition: The Sport of Golf
  • The Godfather of Soul, Mr. James Brown
  • Augusta’s Story
  • Transportation Corridor
  • Protect and Serve
  • Local Legends
  • A Community that Heals
  • and much more!

They also have special exhibitions that rotate throughout the season!

Augusta Museum of History Website

Location: 560 Reynolds St., Augusta, GA 30901

7. Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History and Conference Center

Lucy Craft Laney was a renowned African-American educator from the Augusta community. 

In the 1980s, the Augusta chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority purchased her home from Ms. Laney’s family.

It now serves as a museum to honor her accomplishments as well as those of other outstanding African Americans from Augusta.

Permanent exhibitions include:

  • the Lucy Craft Laney Exhibition
  • the Pilgrim Health and Life Insurance Exhibition
  • the Alice Davis Collection and the Augusta Ebony Legacy Collection.

For more information about this museum’s rich history, mission and how to support it, visit their website below.

Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History Website

Location: 1116 Phillips St., Augusta, GA 30901

8. Ezekiel Harris House

The Smithsonian Guide to Historic America called the Ezekiel Harris House “the finest eighteenth century house surviving in Georgia.”

It was built in 1797 by a prominent tobacco merchant and was fully restored in 1964. It was originally a part of the town of Harrisburg, a town that competed with Augusta for the tobacco trade.

The house, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is known for its Federal style architecture. And it is managed by the Augusta Museum of History. 

Ezekiel Harris House Website

Location: 1822 Broad St., Augusta, GA 30901

9. Augusta Canal National Heritage Area

The Augusta Canal National Heritage Area offers guided boat tours along the canal. Boat rides feature live music, a Civil War tour, and a history and nature tour.

The Canal Discovery Center allows guests to learn about the canal and its history through interactive exhibits, videos, and models.

The Augusta Canal was built in 1845 to provide power, water, and an additional means of transportation to the Augusta area.

The canal and its industrial mills are on the National Register of Historic Places. And are considered a National Historic Landmark.

Augusta Canal Website

Location: 1450 Greene St. #400, Augusta, GA 30901

10. Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson

Take a tour of a US president’s childhood home!

The Boyhood Home of Woodrow Wilson is a National Historic Landmark. The President lived here as a child during the Civil War and Reconstruction.

It is now a museum that illustrates his life during that time. Visitors also learn what the city itself was like during that time period. 

Wilson’s childhood home is across the street from First Presbyterian Church, and down the road from Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Attendees of these church services pass by the home weekly!

Historic Augusta Inc. bought the house in 1991, restored it, and converted it into the museum it is today. Archaeological experts and historians were hired to evaluate the home and determine how best to utilize it and settled on a museum.

It features 13 pieces of furniture that were in the home while Wilson lived there. 

Learn more about Wilson in Woodrow Wilson: A Biography by John Milton Cooper Jr. Find it here on Amazon.

Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home Website

Location: 419 7th St., Augusta, GA 30901

Favorite Restaurants in Downtown Augusta to Eat At

While downtown Augusta has many great restaurants, each of these listed stands out in a different way. Keep reading to see what makes these so special!

11. The Brunch House

The Brunch House has come into the spotlight recently since they were featured as #51 on Yelp’s Top 100 US Restaurants 2022

Yelp described The Brunch House’s menu as: “All-homemade comfort food with a Southern flair, including shrimp and grits or chicken and waffles. A bevy of burgers, sandwiches, and pasta bowls round out the lunch offerings.”

The inside looks like an old-fashioned diner, complete with red and black booths and a bar that has shiny stools with red cushions. It has such a quaint, familiar feel, coupled with delicious food. So it’s no wonder that it made a national list!

If you are looking for more brunch options, check the Ultimate Guide to Brunch Spots in Augusta.

The Brunch House of Augusta Website

Location: 573 Greene St., Augusta, GA 30901

12. Craft & Vine

Craft & Vine is a member of the Frog Hollow Hospitality Group. These restaurants are known around Augusta for their theme events, during which they totally transform the restaurant and create a special themed menu as well.

The team at Craft & Vine is very detail-oriented, as evidenced by the elaborate decor they always pull together for these!

During “Summer Camp” € each table is made into a tent, complete with a lantern inside. For “Craft & Carnival” spiderwebs line the walls, with plastic skeletons overhead. 

The staff has the most fun costumes that align with the theme and play a big part in helping make these such a success. They are very knowledgeable about the special menus and always make great recommendations!

Check them out on social media to see what theme is next! 

They also serve some of the best pizza in town.

Craft & Vine Website

Location: 1204 Broad St. B, Augusta, GA 30901

13. Second City Beverage Co.

Second City Beverage Co. is Augusta’s only distillery! All of their products are “distilled, bottled, and packaged by hand at the distillery.” (secondcitybeverageco.com).

Second City produces and sells vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, moonshine, bourbon cream, as well as ready-to-drink canned cocktails. These include a transfusion, bloody Mary, and vodka margarita.

They offer tours and tastings during the week!


Location: 4 8th St., Augusta, GA 30901

14. The Boll Weevil 

The Boll Weevil is known for Southern dishes such as shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes, and hoppin’ john. Their true claim to fame, though, is their desserts.

They are proud to have been given the title of “best desserts” by Augusta Magazine for four years running; “best desserts” by Metro Spirit since the magazine began; and have been featured in Southern Living and Cooking with Paula Deen. (thebollweevil.com)

The Boll Weevil serves over 30 cakes, cheesecakes, and pies! Some of my favorites are the banana choc. chip and coffee toffee.

Some other great ones are red velvet, perfect chocolate cake, turtle crunch cheesecake, and key lime pie. View their menus here.

Boll Weevil Website

Location: 10 James Brown Blvd., Augusta, GA 30901

15. Frog Hollow Tavern

Frog Hollow Tavern is hands-down my favorite on this list.

This restaurant is a bit more refined and sophisticated, but you can still expect a warm, welcoming atmosphere here as well. Frog Hollow is one of downtown Augusta’s most popular fine dining establishments.

They aim to use as many locally and regionally produced foods as possible so that guests can taste the freshness.

The larger plates are the stars of the menu and display the chef’s attention to detail. Frog Hollow serves only the highest quality cuts of meats and types of fishes and each is paired with fresh vegetables that complement them.

View their menu here.

Frog Hollow Tavern Website

Location: 1282 Broad Street, Augusta, GA 30901

16. Edgar’s Above Broad

Edgar’s Above Broad is the ultimate rooftop establishment in Augusta!

They are not only a restaurant and bar, but also have a live music venue and a coffee shop. They even have:

  • a putting green
  • bocce ball court
  • and giant checkerboard made of turf.

This is a part of Edgars Hospitality Group, which gives learning opportunities to students at Helms College, a culinary and hospitality school in Augusta

Edgar’s Above Broad Website

Location: 699 Broad Street #300, Augusta, GA 30901

Downtown Augusta GA Shops and Other Sites to Walk Around

17. Grantski Records

Grantski Records has been open since 2016 and sells new and used:

  • records
  • CDs
  • turntables
  • turntable accessories
  • and Grantski merchandise (so you can represent your new favorite record store)

They carry records from both older and more current artists and often advertise their new arrivals on their social media pages. You may even see some vintage memorabilia on there as well!

They are currently planning a concert series to raise money to build a stage where guests of all ages can experience live music. Keep an eye on this place.

Grantski Records Website

Location: 1151 Broad Street, Augusta, GA 30901

18. The Augusta Riverwalk

The Augusta Riverwalk is a city park with a walking path along the Savannah River that passes by the Jessye Norman Amphitheater, a playground, the Morris Museum of Art and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

The Jessye Norman Amphitheater is a very prominent outdoor venue in downtown Augusta. Its 1,800 seats and covered stage area make it the perfect place for the concerts, church services, political rallies, and other events.

Look out for the plaques along the Riverwalk that have information about Augusta’s history and be sure to admire the Savannah River from one of the benches along the path.

City of Augusta Page on Riverwalk Website

Location: 10th St., Augusta, GA 30901

19. The Augusta Market

The Augusta Market is a great place to start your Saturday morning!

The Augusta Market is located right off the Riverwalk on the 8th Street Plaza. The market normally takes place on Saturdays between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. from March until November. 

It is an open-air market that attracts vendors from all over the CSRA who are looking to sell:

  • produce
  • handmade goods
  • art
  • hot meals
  • bread
  • jams, jellies, honey, spices and more!

There is also a run called “The Triple 8 Run” that takes place every Saturday It begins and ends at the fountain at the end of the market and has both 3 and 8-mile runs that take participants over the Savannah River into North Augusta!

Augusta Market’s Website

Location: 8th Street Plaza, Augusta, GA 30901

20. The Book Tavern

Calling all bookworms! The Book Tavern is a locally owned bookstore that has been in business since 2004.

Needless to say, they are very dedicated to the downtown area and have become an integral part of it over the years.

The Book Tavern is open 7 days a week and carries both new and used books. They frequently host authors for Q&As and book signings.

It has an intimate setting and provides a very personal experience. They often have events for kids as well.

Let their knowledgeable staff help you find what you’re looking for or make a great recommendation!

Book Tavern Website

Location: 978 Broad St., Augusta, GA 30901

21. Field Botanicals

Field Botanicals is an indie beauty store that carries all vegan and cruelty-free products with clean ingredients. Consider this a local alternative to Sephora and Ulta.

They sell:

  • skincare
  • makeup
  • bath products
  • fragrances and small gift items

Field Botanicals carries 50+ brands. But they also make a couple of products themselves. “Smell My Feet” and “Smell My Bod” are two products have been sold in Urban Outfitters and American Eagle, among other stores. 

Field Botanicals Website

Location: 215A 12th St., Augusta, GA 30901

Right Outside Downtown Augusta to See

There’s a lot to explore in downtown Augusta! As you explore further, check out some of the other

22. Phinizy Swamp Nature Park

Explore 14 miles of hiking and biking trails and observe wildlife native to the Augusta area at Phinizy Swamp Nature Park!

Some of the most common animals observed are:

  • Alligators
  • River Otters
  • Beavers
  • Egrets
  • Herons
  • Red Shouldered Hawks
  • Cormorants
  • Grebes
  • Osprey, and a host of other birds and waterfowl

Phinizy Swamp Nature Park Website

Location: 1858 Lock and Dam Rd, Augusta, GA 30906

23. SRP Park for Augusta Greenjackets Baseball Games

SRP Park is the home of our local baseball team, the Augusta Greenjackets.

Right across the South Carolina border, it’s technically in downtown North Augusta. Games are a blast and tickets are inexpensive fun for the evening!

SRP Park Website

Location: 187 Railroad Ave, North Augusta, SC 29841

24. Evans Towne Center Park

Evans Towne Center Park is one of my favorite spots in Evans. This spot is a favorite of mine for outdoor concerts and events.

You’ll find a lot here, including:

  • Amphitheater Venue for Concerts
  • Lots of Playgrounds and Field space for kids
  • Splash Pad for Kids
  • A Dog Park
  • Picnic Tables / Pavilion
  • And more!

Evans Towne Center Park Page on Columbia County GA Website

Location: 7016 Evans Town Center Blvd, Evans, GA 30809

25. Bettys Branch (Go Kayaking!)

Head out to Bettys Branch to go kayaking! It feeds into the Savannah River and forms a loop. Its a great workout too.

You can access it near Riverside Elementary School. And the spot also host an annual kayak and music festival called Benderdinker.

Website for Benderdinker

Location: 4431 Hardy McManus Road, Evans, GA 30809

Conclusion to Best Things to Do Near Downtown Augusta, GA

Whether you want to see a ballet or visit art and history museums, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy in Augusta, GA’s downtown!

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