10 Awesome Sushi Spots in Downtown Atlanta (2023)

Sushi Rolls and Chopsticks on a Platter

Atlanta has always been known for its massive food scene, and our sushi restaurants are no exception! Whether you’re looking for a high-dollar dining experience or something more casual or affordable, there is certainly a sushi spot in Atlanta that’s perfect for you.

With so much great sushi though, it can be difficult to make a choice on where to go. Here’s a list of the best sushi downtown Atlanta offers! I’ll take a look at the top 10 sushi restaurants both in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

Table of Best Sushi Downtown Atlanta

RestaurantRating (Google)Price
Budi’s Sushi4.4 Stars$$
Sushi Hayakawa4.5 Stars$$$
Eight Sushi Lounge4.7 Stars$$
Nova Sushi Bar4.4 Stars$$
Pacific Rim Bistro4.3 Stars$$
Nakato Japanese Restaurant4.4 Stars$$
Rain Thai and Sushi Bar4.4 Stars$$
MF Sushi Atlanta4.4 Stars$$$
Yoiyoi Japanese Steak House and Sushi4.1 Stars$
RA Sushi Bar Restaurant3.7 Stars$$

10 Best Sushi Spots In and Around Downtown Atlanta

Chef Preparing Sushi Rolls

1. Budi’s Sushi

Budi’s Sushi is one of the most popular restaurants in Atlanta when it comes to getting a fix for your sushi cravings. With two locations, one in downtown Decatur and one in Atlanta, Budi’s Sushi has an extensive menu of sushi rolls alongside other classic Japanese fare, including ramen and teriyaki.

The portion sizes are huge and reasonably priced. And all of the food is freshly crafted by experienced sushi chefs.

If you ask the locals what the best thing to get at Budi’s Sushi is, many of them would say the Ocean Pyramid. This is a novelty dish consisting of sushi components that is formed into a pyramid shape and meant for sharing.

However, the average restaurant-goer can also enjoy their simple sashimi, nigiri, or house rolls.

The atmosphere is modern, but still fun and inviting, making this a great choice for family outings, special occasions, or date nights. With such a large menu, Budi’s Sushi has something for everyone.

2. Sushi Hayakawa

Interior of sushi restaurant

Sushi Hayakawa is a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant (or sushiya) located just north of the perimeter near Norcross. This restaurant is known for its selection of excellent, high-quality fish, its intimate atmosphere, the beautiful plating, and its friendly, knowledgeable sushi chefs.

Because of the limited, rotating menu, you can be sure that your food will be fresh, delicious, and carefully prepared. The great service really sets this location apart -you will be able to have a one-on-one discussion with the master sushi chef preparing your food.

In addition to sushi, patrons can also choose from a number of hot dishes and enjoy a curated selection of beer, wine, and traditional Japanese sake. It’s worth noting that this is likely the priciest sushi restaurant in Atlanta, and you can expect to pay $200 or more per person.

However, if you’re looking for an authentic experience or somewhere to spend a special occasion, Sushi Hayakawa is a perfect choice.

You may have a hard time getting a reservation on short notice, so be sure to book as soon as possible!

3. Eight Sushi Lounge

Eight Sushi Lounge, located in the Home Park neighborhood, is one of the most unique sushi restaurants in Atlanta. With its modern vibe and a creative menu full of specialty rolls, this is a great spot if you’re looking for a fun dining experience that will still provide you with a delicious meal.

Alongside sushi rolls prepared with high-quality, fresh ingredients, you can also find other traditional Japanese foods such as tempura and ramen.

Eight Sushi Lounge also carries A5 Wagyu beef at an affordable price, which is a must-try for any food enthusiasts. It is either served as a steak or on a sandwich.

Eight Sushi Lounge has a great mix of traditional items, such as sushi rolls and nigiri, and more creative menu options, such as bruschetta topped with sashimi.

But no matter what you choose, it’s sure to be fresh, delicious, and artfully crafted and presented by their talented sushi chefs.

4. Nova Sushi Bar

Nova Sushi Bar is a simple, no-frills dining experience. And the food is delicious.

Located in Buckhead on Peachtree Road NE, this restaurant carries a myriad of authentic Japanese cuisine: stir fry dishes, noodle and rice plates, and, of course, sushi.

You’ll find all of the classic options at Nova Sushi Bar, such as the California roll and spicy tuna roll, and their shrimp and snow crab rolls are especially delicious.

While you’re there, be sure to also check out Nova’s selection of creative craft cocktails while you’re there! This location provides excellent food for a reasonable price, making it a great place to grab a casual meal with friends.

5. Pacific Rim Bistro

Pacific Rim Bistro is a restaurant specializing in many types of Pan-Asian cuisine, including Japanese, Thai, and Mongolian food. Their sushi menu is extensive, too.

This is a local gem in downtown Atlanta, providing delicious, delicious sushi alongside warm, comforting favorites. With a full-service bar and an extensive craft cocktail menu, Pacific Rim Bistro is great if you’re looking for a fun night out.

The shrimp tempura roll, served with avocado and eel sauce, is a popular favorite. And if you’re looking for something unique, they also have many specialty rolls, including the Playboy on Fire (a new twist on a spicy tuna roll) and Ocean’s Three (tuna, salmon, and escolar).

Reservations are recommended, particularly during peak dining times, so make sure to either call ahead or visit their website prior to your visit.

6. Nakato Japanese Restaurant

Woman eating sushi at the restaurant table

Nakato Japanese Restaurant is a family-owned establishment, and it’s one of the most authentic Japanese dining experiences you’ll find in Atlanta.

This restaurant is known for its teppanyaki tables, where chefs cook directly in front of guests, and they also have a large sushi menu that uses some of the freshest ingredients in the city.

Nakato is well-loved among locals, who appreciate the craftsmanship and intimate restaurant atmosphere.

The service is excellent, and the knowledgeable chef and waitstaff often go above and beyond to provide a personalized experience to each guest. The atmosphere is also very traditional, with offerings of private tatami rooms.

This restaurant offers some small plates, but they also have classic rolls and sashimi options. The Tokujo Nigiri is widely recommended, and many patrons also loved the King Kong specialty roll.

7. Rain Thai and Sushi Bar

Rain Thai and Sushi Bar, located on Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, is one of the most popular Thai fusion restaurants in Atlanta.

Carrying a wide array of Thai food alongside sushi and other Japanese favorites, this restaurant provides a truly one-of-a-kind experience to guests.

With very affordable prices and a huge menu with a wide mix of flavors, this is a great, crowd-pleasing choice for family outings or large groups. The Georgia roll is a delicious, unique choice, and their red dragon roll is hard to beat!

8. MF Sushi Atlanta

MF Sushi is another impressive option, offering high-dollar sushi plates with good quality ingredients.

Located in Inman Park, MF Sushi has an excellent chef’s choice table option where the chef will hand pick a tasting menu for each guest that best represents their quality and skill, ranging from $75 to $100 per person.

Whether you’re new to the world of sushi or you’re a seasoned pro, this is a great way to get one of the best meals in Atlanta.

If you would prefer to choose your own meal, you are welcome to do so! MF sushi has a large menu consisting of many varieties of sushi, sashimi, and nigiri, all of which are full of umami and a treat for the taste buds.

With impressive, elaborate plates, this is a good option for date nights and special occasions. However, be sure to book a reservation in advance, as they fill up quickly!

9. Yoiyoi Steak House and Sushi

Yoiyoi Steak House and Sushi is a Japanese steakhouse located in Howell Mill Village. With its fun, no-frills atmosphere and large menu, this is a local favorite for casual dining.

Yoiyoi serves their high quality steak and sushi alongside cocktails, sake, and a select few delicious dessert options.

Hibachi lunch and dinner options are available as well, and the prices are fairly inexpensive for the quality and experience. The Philadelphia roll is a popular choice here, and many guests recommend the spicy tuna roll as well.

10. RA Sushi Bar Restaurant

RA Sushi Bar is a national Japanese fusion chain that’s popular for its specialty rolls, craft cocktails, and reasonable prices and specials.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant offers some creative menu options, such as a sushi roll containing lobster and filet mignon, the mango shrimp roll, and several new takes on traditional classics.

The Atlanta location is located on Peachtree St. NE right near Piedmont Park, making it a great casual option if you’re looking to stop somewhere for a delicious, memorable meal while sightseeing!

Bonus: Make Your Own

Once you’ve gotten a taste for sushi, you might want to try making it at home. While many home chefs are intimidated by the idea of preparing sushi themselves, it’s not as difficult as you might think!

With only a few ingredients and a bamboo rolling mat, even the most inexperienced cooks can make something delicious.

To learn how to make a simple sushi roll at home, this video is a simple, quick tutorial on how to do so easily:

If you’re nervous about rolling your sushi up perfectly, check out this video on hand roll (Temaki) sushi simple way to get the same flavors of the average sushi roll:

You can find most of the tools you’ll need at your local Asian grocery store, or you can order them online for even more convenience. Amazon carries several sushi making kits that provide you with everything you’ll need for a low price. And while you can certainly prepare sushi rice in a pot, a rice cooker will make everything a little easier and ensure that your rice is the perfect texture to roll up into sushi.

Conclusion to Best Sushi in Downtown Atlanta

Any of these restaurants would provide you with a delicious meal, and we hope you now have a good idea of which sushi spot is the best choice for you.

The Atlanta food scene might be the most famous in Georgia, but there’s delicious cuisine all over the state. So if you find your way down to Augusta, be sure to also take a look at our definitive guide to sushi in Augusta and our list of memorable Hibachi spots in Augusta.

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