12 Most Amazing Coffee Roasters in Atlanta (2023)

Best Coffee Roasters in Atlanta GA

From cold brew to espresso, Atlanta is a city that loves its coffee. Metro Atlanta is home to over 50 independent cafes and coffee roasters, and the outskirts of the city also hold many hidden gems. 

If you’re searching for the best cup of coffee in Atlanta, this guide should help you narrow it down. I’ll outline the 12 best coffee roasters in Atlanta!

Best Coffee Roasters in Atlanta GA

Employee Roasting Coffee Beans at Roaster

1. BRASH Coffee Roasters

BRASH Coffee is a small coffee shop made from converted shipping containers in the Westside Provisions District. BRASH carries several craft blends, including their own, and they specialize in single-origin coffee. This is a must-visit spot for any coffee aficionado, especially if it’s your first time in Atlanta.

With its one-of-a-kind atmosphere and some of the highest quality coffees in the area, this is the perfect place to relax with a delicious cup of coffee and a pastry. 

2. Bellwood Coffee

Bellwood Coffee is a roastery with three coffee shop locations in the Atlanta area: Riverside, East Atlanta Village, and in the Peachtree Workspace.

Their coffees are sourced globally from countries that produce famously delicious coffee, such as Mexico and Columbia, and the blends are roasted in-house at their Riverside location. 

If you’re unable to go to one of their brick-and-mortar locations, Bellwood Coffee offers online shopping options as well as a coffee club subscription, allowing members to try out a new blend each month. If you’re not sure what to try first, their Smoke Signals blend is one of their most popular blends thanks to its nutty, chocolatey notes. 

At their coffee bars, you can order great coffee in a warm, inviting atmosphere with great service. The East Atlanta Village location is a favorite among locals thanks to its collaboration with The Victorian Atlanta, a local plant shop. You can enjoy your coffee surrounded by lush greenery and even take some home with you. 

3. Spiller Park Coffee

Ponce City Market of Atlanta Pedestrian Bridge

Located within the historic Ponce City Market, Spiller Park Coffee is a coffee shop and roastery that is well known in the Atlanta area. Locals love it because of its friendly, knowledgeable staff, its inviting atmosphere, and of course, its delicious coffee.

Their online shop sells some of their most popular blends alongside apparel and other merchandise.

In addition to their comprehensive drink menu, they also offer food. They’re particularly famous for their creative french toast options, which make for a wonderful light breakfast or midday snack.

Whether you’re grabbing an iced coffee while you stroll around the area or stopping by for a quick breakfast, Spiller Park Coffee is a great choice. And if you’re out and about on Sunday, here are some of the many things to do in Atlanta!

4. Firelight Coffee Roasters

Firelight Coffee Roasters has been brewing in the Atlanta area since 2014. They’re known primarily for producing sustainable, ethically sourced coffee from all over the world ata great price, as most 12 oz. bags cost less than $20. 

Canopy is a favorite among local coffee enthusiasts, with its strong vanilla flavor and light citrus notes, and many also praise their Carlos Pola blend, which has a sweet, chocolatey flavor even without any cream or sugar. 

Their brick-and-mortar location recently moved, so the roastery is temporarily closed to visitors. They have plans to open it back up soon, but you can still find their blend in their online store or in any of the Atlanta coffee shops that carry their blends in the meantime.

5. East Pole Coffee Co.

East Pole Coffee Co. is a roastery and coffee bar located in Armour Yards. The coffee shop is highly regarded for its friendly, patient staff and its combination of sweet and savory pastries and fresh, flavorful coffee.

Since they roast their coffee beans right next door, you’re sure to receive the best coffee possible.

East Pole Coffee Co. sources its coffee from all over the world, but primarily from South America. Many blends, such as Agua Blanca and Traffic: Popayan Reserve, have notes of chocolate and almond, giving them a distinct flavor profile.

This roastery recently opened a second location in Poncey-Highland that also features a wine bar, making it a popular date spot. This coffeehouse offers many specialty coffee drinks as well as drip coffee, all of which are high quality and delicious. 

6. Dancing Goats 

Dancing Goats Coffee was originally founded in Washington, but has since expanded to open a roastery and several coffee shops in the Atlanta area. Each location is fun and inviting, making it the perfect spot to study, work, or just relax with some good coffee. 

Dancing Goats offers many different blends, including single-origin coffee from many different growing regions all over the world.

From their fruit-forward Ethiopian blend to their dark, smoky Italian blend, there’s something at Dancing Goats for every kind of coffee drinker.

There are locations in Buckhead, Midtown, and Ponce City Market, so it’s possible to get an independent coffee shop taste and atmosphere with the convenience of a chain. They also carry several blends from their sister coffee bars, such as Batdorf & Bronson.

7. Cool Beans Coffee Roasters

Cool Beans Coffee Roasters is located in Marietta, just outside of Atlanta. This coffee shop and roastery was one of the first independent coffee shops in Marietta, and it’s a great place to stop in for a cup of coffee and a quick bite to eat.  

The atmosphere is what really sets Cool Beans apart.

Inside, you can find the walls lined with pieces by local artists and other quirky, rustic decor. The coffee shop is a popular destination for students thanks to its spacious, comfortable interior, its large indoor seating area, and its prime location in the Marietta square.

Since Cool Beans roasts their coffee on-location, you’re always sure to get the best possible taste. They also offer several locally-sourced teas and pastries. 

8. Portrait Coffee

Portrait Coffee is a local roastery that specializes in unique, global blends. They’ve grown massively in popularity over the last several years, and their team plans to open a coffee shop in West End in August 2022. 

Some of their most popular blends are from South America and Africa, such as the Mexico Zaragoza blend and the Kenya Gatirima AB, which is a delicious blend with notes of tangerine and melon. 

In addition to their online store, you can find Portrait Coffee in several grocery stores across Georgia, including Target, and at many coffee shops, including Spiller Park and Chrome Yellow Trading Co.

9. Urban Grind

Urban Grind, located in West Midtown, is a coffeehouse with several signature blends, all roasted in-house. Their blends are reasonably priced, whether they’re brewed into a specialty drink or sold in bags. This is one of the best roasters in the area.  

Urban Grind prides itself on blends that are bold and full of flavor. The Westside ATL blend is great for espresso. And the Urban Grind blend is perfect for a drip coffee maker or a french press like these ones on Amazon.

Their coffeehouse is a great local hangout that offers many events throughout each month, from poetry slams to film screenings, ensuring that each visit is a great experience. There is plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors, so this is a great place to work or study any time.

10. Chattahoochee Coffee Company

Chattahoochee Coffee Company partners with several local coffee roasters, namely Counter Culture Coffee, to produce wonderful drinks in a unique environment. This company has been operating in Atlanta since 2012 and now has locations at Westside, Riverside, and The Eddy.

You can find excellent coffee and other specialty drinks at any of their locations. These coffee shops have a limited menu to ensure high quality, and they also offer pastries and other light fares.

The Riverside location is especially picturesque, with outdoor seating and a beautiful view of the Chattahoochee.

11. Atlanta Coffee Roasters 

Atlanta Coffee Roasters was founded by the Shreider family in 1983. Currently, it’s one of the most popular specialty coffee roasters in the city, with many single-source and specialty blends.

Atlanta Coffee Roasters provides artisan coffee at fair prices, with many coffee selections around the $10-$15 range. The Brazil Cerrado Santana blend is a delicious choice if you’re looking for something simple, or the La Joya blend is a good fruit-forward option. 

Their roastery offers a tasting room, where you can try out all of their unique blends to find one that suits your tastes.

You can find their coffee at their store and tasting room or at many other coffee shops and markets across the state, including East Pole Coffee Co. 

12. Peach Coffee Roasters

Peach Coffee Roasters has two locations—a cafe in West Midtown and their cafe and roastery in Johns Creek. 

Both cafes have a warm, inviting atmosphere with excellent service, but the flagship location in Johns Creek definitely has an edge thanks to the in-house roasting. Locals love their cappuccinos during the colder months, but you can’t go wrong with an iced coffee.

Their blends are truly unique. The Dirty South blend is an ode to diner coffee with an artisan twist, and Red Clay is a dark roast blend with notes of hazelnut and dark chocolate.

Peach Coffee is always coming out with new coffees, so keep an eye on their website for updates.

Table and Final Thoughts on Best Coffee Roasters in Atlanta

These Atlanta coffee roasters all deliver unique, ethically sourced blends, and they’re all worth a try.

If you’re looking for more hearty breakfast options outside of small cafe fare, be sure to check out our article on the best breakfast spots in Atlanta.

NameBean Source(s)Location(s)
BRASH Coffee RoastersSouth America, U.S.West Midtown, Buckhead
Bellwood CoffeeCentral America, AfricaEast Atlanta Village, Peachtree Workspace, Riverside
Spiller Park CoffeeGloballyToco Hills, Ponce City Market
East Pole Coffee Co.South America, Central AfricaPoncey-Highland, Armour Yards
Dancing GoatsEurope, Ethiopia, South AmericaBuckhead, Midtown, Ponce City Market, Decatur
Cool Beans Coffee RoastersEast Africa, South AmericaMarietta
Urban GrindMiddle East, South AmericaWest Midtown
Chattahoochee Coffee CompanyCentral America, South America, East AfricaWestside, Riverside, Smyrna
Atlanta Coffee RoastersCentral America, East AfricaToco Hills
Peach Coffee RoastersAsia, South America, East AfricaJohns Creek, West Midtown

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