10 Best Breakfast Spots in Gainesville, GA (2023)

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No matter what brings you to visit, start your day with one of these best breakfast restaurants in Gainesville.  

Restaurant Table: Best Breakfast in Gainesville, GA

Bring your tastebuds and join me on a delightful journey to explore the top places to indulge in breakfast delights, experiencing the essence of Southern charm and international flavors that make this city truly special. 

Restaurant AboutSpecialty Dish/FeatureGoogle Reviews
AvocadosFounded by Albert Lunalover, a place to share his culinary vision with Gainesville.Nutella stuffed french toast, specialty pancakes, grits, biscuits.4.5 of 5 stars
780+ Reviews
Inman Perk CoffeeFamily-owned coffee spot with a commitment to sustainable products and community support.Avocado Toast, Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal, fair trade coffee.4.5 of 5 stars
500+ Reviews
Longstreet CafeNamed after General Longstreet, known for quality comfort food reminiscent of grandma’s house.Made-from-scratch biscuits, grits, tater tots, eggs, bacon, oatmeal, sirloin biscuit.4.5 of 5 stars
1,550+ Reviews
Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and TavernA welcoming destination for exceptional food and genuine Southern hospitality.Brothers Breakfast, “Just a Snack” Breakfast Feast, Breakfast Burrito.4 of 5 Stars
150+ Reviews
RabbitTown CafeA “mom & pop kind of place” known for huge, made-from-scratch biscuits and low prices.HUGE biscuits.4.5 of 5 stars
1,880+ Reviews
2 Dogs RestaurantA Sunday brunch spot with a commitment to community and sustainability.The Standard, Biscuit & Gravy, 2 Dog Crab Cake Benedict.4.5 of 5 stars
710+ Reviews
Danny’s DoughnutsKnown for making delicious, fresh doughnuts every day.Fresh doughnuts, breakfast burritos, ham and cheese on croissants.5 of 5 stars
500+ Reviews
Diletto BakeryPopular for its assortment of tasty gluten-free and vegan options.Strawberry crepe, gluten-free pancakes, breakfast platter, Alfajores.5 of 5 stars
340+ Reviews
Stan’s Biscuits and DeliA “hole in the wall” place known for biscuits the size of your head that only cost a dollar.Huge biscuits.4.5 of 5 stars
450+ Reviews
First WatchNew chain that’s committed to fresh, seasonal favorites. Strawberry Tres Leches French Toast4.5 of 5 stars
6+ Reviews

Breakfast in Historic Downtown Gainesville

The Historic Gainesville square is known for its local boutiques, businesses, and restaurants. But, before you do your shopping, make sure you fuel up at one of these fantastic breakfast restaurants in Historic Gainesville. 

1. Avocados

comic book illustration of avocado toast

Avocados, founded by Albert Lunalover, is a beloved establishment in Historic Downtown Gainesville Square. As the executive chef and owner, Albert’s culinary journey began at Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island, and he honed his skills in Miami and New York before venturing into the Atlanta restaurant scene in the early 1990s. 

Working alongside his brother in innovative restaurants,  Albert’s passion for great food and creativity blossomed. In 2012, he realized his dream by creating Avocados, a place where he could share his culinary vision with the vibrant community of Gainesville.

Avocados is the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious weekend brunch! With mouth-watering options like Nutella stuffed french toast and specialty pancakes or southern favorites like grits and biscuits; you will find something for everyone! 

Avocados Website

Do you have dietary restrictions? No problem! Avocados offers many gluten free options as well as gluten free substitutes. 

2. Inman Perk Coffee

This family owned coffee spot brings southern hospitality to a whole new level by being committed to using sustainable products and a business goal of helping the community around them. They even hold a coveted Golden Cup Award for these efforts.

But, their good deeds do not stop there. Let’s talk about the food and (of course) the coffee! 

While they offer the normal pastries you see in a cafe, they also offer delicious breakfast foods you can order all day. I highly recommend the Avocado Toast: 

Toast 2 slices of Wheat or Sourdough.

  • Topping Options
    • Red Onions
    • Bacon
    • Everything Seasoning
    • Tomatoes
    • Add a side of eggs for a hearty breakfast

Needing something a little healthier and gluten free? Try their Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal! They offer a variety of flavors and toppings. 

No matter what you get to eat, the coffee is a must here. Inman Perk uses exceptional and fair trade coffee. They ensure that each shipment of coffee received is roasted to order. This guarantees their customers receive the freshest and most delicious coffee possible. 

Although they may not have every blend or brew in stock at all times, they are more than happy to accommodate customer requests, ensuring an exact match to the coffee preferences of their valued patrons. 

Inman Perk Coffee Website

Best Southern Style Breakfast in Gainesville 

Southern cooking is known for its comforting and soulful flavors that evoke nostalgic memories of home-cooked meals. That goes double for our breakfasts! The generous use of butter, spices, and rich ingredients in dishes like biscuits and gravy, shrimp and grits, and chicken and waffles create a mouthwatering experience that is hard to resist. 

These two restaurants offer the best of traditional Southern Breakfast as well as some surprisingly mouthwatering modern twists!  

3. Longstreet Cafe

This cafe has taken on the namesake of General Longstreet who served in the Confederate army for more than 25 years. Their name is now where the southern roots stop.  

The owner, Tim Bunch, attributes the success of Longstreet to quality comfort food and a style of dining reminiscent of a get-together at grandma’s house.

 In a recent interview he shared, “Once you taste the product, it’s hard not to come back. We do everything the old-fashioned way, the hard way. Growing up, my grandmother and my mother cooked. We try to do everything from scratch — biscuits, cornbread, we still peel potatoes, cut ‘em, mash ‘em. We use fresh chicken. We bread it, fry it. That’s been the staple. It’s real labor-intense, but that’s what the customer wants. I’ve always said, ‘Use all the resources you can.’”

Longstreet Cafe has a cafeteria-style setup so you can load up ala carte style on all your Southern favorites! You’ll be able to enjoy made-from-scratch biscuits, grits, tater tots, eggs, bacon, oatmeal, and much more. But, the locals all agree that the sirloin biscuit is a MUST try when you visit. 

4. Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern

comic book illustration of pancake stake breakfast

Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern– While a smokehouse is not what you typically think of when it comes to breakfast, but this local spot will change that! Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern is a welcoming destination where people come together to enjoy exceptional food and genuine Southern hospitality. 

Their passion for delivering outstanding cuisine is evident as they proudly serve up award-winning American classics and beloved Southern staples, all crafted from scratch in their kitchen. At Bourbon Brothers, being hosts is at the core of their identity, embodying a world-class standard of hospitality and entertainment that ensures every guest feels at home and delighted during their visit.

You can enjoy your typical Southern favorites with: 

Brothers Breakfast: 

  • 3 eggs any style, hash brown, your choice of bacon, sausage or ham, Texas toast and 2 pancakes.

“Just a Snack” Breakfast Feast 

  • 3 eggs any style, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 sausage links, ham, hash browns, Texas toast, 2 buttermilk pancakes with honey butter.

Breakfast Burrito

  • Giant flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns and cheddar jack cheese. Smothered with your choice of smoked pork green chili or sausage country gravy.

Have a pack of ravenous never-full teenagers? They offer an All You Can Eat Breakfast Buffet on the weekends!   

5.  RabbitTown Cafe 

If you have fond memories of your grandma making a delicious breakfast with all the fixins on a Sunday morning, you have to check out Rabbittown Cafe! 

For decades, this beloved family-friendly establishment has been a cherished mainstay in the community, earning a special place in the hearts of both locals and travelers. Considered a quintessential “mom & pop kind of place,” the casual cafeteria elevates down-home, Southern cooking to new heights. 

This Gainesville gem has stood the test of time without even a website for you to check their daily specials! Just like stopping in a grandma’s house, you will be greeted with a warm smile and a list of what’s available. But, you can always be sure that it will be made from scratch and delicious. 

Rabbittown Cafe is known for their HUGE, made-from-scratch biscuits and low price points. With most of their items ranging from $1- $7 dollars, your wallet will be just as happy as your tastebuds. 

This local summed it up best when they said, “Good portions, great fresh food and all for a good price, great breakfast. Only place in town you can get “brown” gravy. Brings me back to my childhood memories of when my grandma would make it for me for breakfast.”

While you are there, you will also want to make sure you get a picture in front of the Rabbittown Rabbit!

Best Restaurant for Sunday Brunch in Gainesville

With a perfect blend of breakfast and lunch favorites, everyone loves brunch for its indulgent offerings that cater to all tastes and cravings. Whether you really like trying new foods or just want a laid-back way to enjoy a Sunday morning, this brunch place is sure to make you happy and excited for more.

6. 2 Dogs Restaurant

At 2 Dogs Restaurant  the passion for more than just great food runs deep, as it becomes a way of life infused into every aspect of their restaurant. Their commitment to their community is evident in their close ties with local suppliers, partnering with a nearby farm for seasonal produce, baking fresh bread daily, and using herbs from their garden. 

Located in the heart of this lively city, 2 Dog Cafe is THE Sunday brunch spot! It has both tasty food and a cozy atmosphere, making each visit special. Their  menu is full of classic comfort foods and exciting new creations. Whether you’re hanging out with friends, family, or just enjoying some quiet time, the friendly service and yummy food guarantee a wonderful Sunday morning experience.

With a focus on sustainability, they diligently recycle and strive to keep everything as close to home as possible. 2 Dog takes pride in being a positive presence in the community, where customers are not just patrons but welcomed into a bustling dining room filled with laughter, good food, and cherished friendships. Join them for a meal, and become a part of their movement that extends far beyond the confines of a restaurant.

With their Sunday brunch, you can enjoy typical breakfast fare such as: 

The Standard- 2 eggs cooked to order bacon or (breakfast or Andouille) sausage muffin, toast or biscuit served with house made jelly & butter grits or home fries bottomless cup of coffee

Biscuit & Gravy-  Open faced house-made biscuit topped with a sun-dried tomato gravy with (2) eggs

Or a more sophisticated twist on a classic with the 2 Dog Crab Cake Benedict: crab cakes over house-made English muffin, 2 poached eggs, Hollandaise 

You can also enjoy a light salad or a more hearty lunch sandwich.

No matter what you come in the mood to eat, 2 Dog’s Sunday Brunch is a must stop while you are visiting Gainesville, GA! 

2 Dogs Restaurant’s Website

7. Danny’s Doughnuts 

If you are looking for a sweet treat and a great cup of coffee, make sure to check out Danny’s Doughnuts

They are known for making delicious, fresh doughnuts every day. Nothing frozen and reheated here! 

One local had this to say, “My spouse does not eat a lot of sugar. I talked them into stopping there one day. They had the freshest, best tasting, and not oily like some places. I would give them even more stars. My spouse said”

If you need something a little more hearty for breakfast, no worries! They also make fresh breakfast sandwiches daily. Such as breakfast burritos and ham and cheese on croissants. 

Between their fresh offerings and reasonable prices, you will leave Danny’s Doughnuts happy and ready to take on the day! 

8. Diletto Bakery 

Since its grand opening on December 6, 2019, Diletto Bakery has become a huge success, known for making fresh treats on-site using quality ingredients. The bakery has become wildly popular due to its assortment of tasty gluten-free and vegan options. 

You can treat your tastebuds to a decadent strawberry crepe made from scratch, gluten free pancakes, or a hearty breakfast platter. Before you leave, be sure to enjoy an Alfajores  (traditional Argentinian pasty). 

If you fall in love with this bakery and wish you could take it home with you- you can! They now ship many of the delightful goodies with this online store

9. Stan’s Biscuits and Deli

comic book illustration of biscuits in cast iron skillet

 You know how there are those “hole in the wall” places that only the locals know about? Well, we are sharing the secret on this one! 

Stan’s Biscuits and Deli is known for biscuits the size of your head that only cost a dollar! They do offer more, but do I really need to say more here?!

This local put it perfectly when they said, “if you are a fancy person who likes eating at fancy places with fancy utensils and a fancy environment, Stan’s Biscuits is NOT for you, just do yourself a favor and stay away. Are you from the South and love a good southern breakfast with all of its gravy and butter and biscuit deliciousness? Then Stan’s Biscuits IS for you and you should stop by and give them a try when you’re in the area.” 

10. First Watch 

First Watch is a new up-and-coming chain restaurant, but it has all the small town feels to it! They are known for their commitment to serving up fresh, seasonal favorites. So, you can expect the menu to have some changes every few months. 

For example, in the fall you can enjoy delicious pumpkin pancakes and a fresh squeezed pomegranate and pear juice. And in the summer, Strawberry Tres Leches French Toast  with a fresh squeezed watermelon wakeup juice. 

However, First Watch in Gainesville will also always carry your usual favorites. Like hash skillets, chia pudding, steel oats, pancakes, french toast, and always their fresh squeezed juices!

Whatever, you are in the mood for, you can rest assured that everything on the menu will be fresh, locally sourced, and made just for you. 

Conclusion to Best Breakfast in Gainesville, GA

Whether you’re savoring the tasty creations at Avocados, enjoying the warm hospitality and coffee at Inman Perk Coffee, indulging in classic Southern favorites at Longstreet Cafe, or relishing the “mom & pop kind of place” experience at RabbitTown Cafe, your taste buds are in for an unforgettable treat at any of these breakfast spots in Gainesville. 

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