11 Best BBQ Restaurants in Augusta, GA (2023)

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With a tradition going back several hundred years, American Barbecue is culture, art, and a culinary experience. And thankfully, there are plenty of barbecue restaurants to choose from in Augusta. Here is a local’s guide to the best BBQ in Augusta, Georgia.

Best BBQ in Augusta, Georgia

1. Sconyers BBQ of Augusta

Founded in 1956, Sconyers is one of the most iconic restaurants in the greater Augusta area. From catering for President Jimmy Carter at the White House to the Georgia State Capitol, it is almost a landmark for Augusta. Their principle is: “quality food, properly prepared, served in generous portions at a fair price.”

So, settle into the cabin-style restaurant and enjoy good food that’s been made famous across the United States while at Sconyers Bar B Que!

Unique Feature: Cabin-Themed Building and Site

Website Link for Sconyers

2. Duke’s Bar-B-Que (Aiken area)

If you are willing to make the 25-mile drive from downtown Augusta, Duke’s Bar-B-Que is a great option. It is a personal favorite with its dine-in buffet and signature South Carolina mustard-based sauce. The prices are more than reasonable for the amount of food and BBQ options you get.

Unique Feature: 31 sides to choose from at the buffet. Also, the peach cobbler for dessert is amazing. If you’re interested in other dessert spots in the area, you should check out this article I wrote on the best cookie and dessert places in Augusta.

Website for Duke’s Bar-B-Que

3. BBQ Barn (North Augusta)

Another South Carolina-style spot, BBQ Barn is right across the 13th Street Bridge from downtown Augusta. Founded in 2006, this restaurant boasts two barbeque pits and five signature sauces.

Unique Feature: Burnt Ends and Brisket options Thursday through Saturday

Website for BBQ Barn

4. Goolsby’s (Evans)

This spot offers both BBQ, in addition to a wide variety of other, traditional southern food. According to their website: “The Goolsby’s story is a simple one. It all started around 1980 with barbecue cooked the old-fashioned way behind the family’s old country store.” Goolsby’s has locations in Evans and Grovetown

Unique Feature: Fried Pork Loin Steak

Website for Goolsby’s

5. Fielding Bros BBQ Shack (Downtown Augusta)

Alonzo and Milton Fielding opened this BBQ restaurant for business in 2019. Located off Laney Walker Boulevard, Fielding Bros BBQ Shack is right in Downtown Augusta near the Medical District.

Unique Feature: Lunch specials for $5.95 (3 wings and 1 side)

Website for Fielding Bros BBQ Shack

6. Knuckle Sandwiches (Downtown Augusta)

This is technically a lunch and late-night sandwich place located off Broad Street. However, in addition to burgers, they serve a great pulled-pork sandwich.

Pork Sandwich Cost (PBR-B-Q): $13.80

Unique Feature: Try The Garden Sandwich (vegetarian option)

Website for Knuckle Sandwiches

7. Willie Jewell’s Old-School Bar-B-Que (Martinez)

One of the newer spots in town (2016), Willie Jewell’s is a franchise with locations primarily in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Their menu is definitely on the cheaper side in town, and there is good variety to the menu.

Unique Feature: Garlic Toast served with the BBQ plates (have never heard of Garlic Toast being served with traditional southern BBQ)

Website for Willie Jewell’s of Augusta

8. SmokeShow BBQ (Central Augusta)

As the only food truck model of the bunch, SmokeShow stands out. There are three trucks and you will need to check their Facebook page weekly for times and locations, as they sell throughout the CSRA. I first tried this BBQ during the annual Papa Joe’s Banjo-B-Que Music Festival, and it did not disappoint!

Unique Feature: Food Truck and they have BBQ tacos

Website for SmokeShow BBQ

9. Shane’s Rib Shack (Evans, Grovetown, Aiken)

Scattered throughout the southeast, Shane’s Rib Shack is a franchise that has been a favorite since my days at the University of Georgia. It is a reliable choice for wherever you travel.

Unique Feature: Locations in Evans, Grovetown, and Aiken

Website for Evans’ Shane’s Rib Shack

10. Southbound Smokehouse (North Augusta)

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Now located next to SRP Park, Southbound Smokehouse is a convenient choice when you attend an Augusta Greenjackets’ Game. Previously, Southbound Smokehouse had a location off Central Ave., but it has since permanently closed.

Unique Feature: Soul Rolls and adjacent to the SRP Park baseball field

Website for Southbound Smokehouse

11. Happy House Korean Restaurant (South Augusta)

This is a hidden gem located in South Augusta, which offers a lot of options. Included on their menu is Korean BBQ. Just be aware that prices are a bit higher here than at other BBQ places in town.

Unique Feature: Hot Pot, Noodle Dishes, and Soups

Website for Happy House Korean Restaurant: Google Business Page

Summary to Best Barbecue in Augusta, GA

Augusta is a town with some amazing barbecue restaurants! Whether you’re looking for traditional Southern or new-American and Korean BBQ, there’s something for everyone.

Check out the local BBQ in these towns next time you’re traveling:

And if you’re interested, I recommend trying to barbecue at home. After buying a simple barrel smoker in 2017, I have spent a few hundred hours learning about this cooking tradition and smoking my own BBQ. But where It’s a great (and efficient) way to host friends for tailgates, parties, and events during college football season.

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